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Late availability holiday in UK?

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LoopyLa Mon 15-Jun-15 14:03:01

Hi, looking for advice please.

If I was to holiday abroad (late Sept), I'd go to last or Expedia to have a look at late availability. But where can I look for last minute holidays in the UK? We don't want to camp or caravan so looking at alternative self-catering options but I'm clueless as to what websites to search on? Is there one that collates all the info for you from the different family holiday companies died anyone know?

Thank you smile

okitoki Mon 15-Jun-15 14:18:47

I had to answer and let you know I have just booked a 4 bedroom house, for six nights for my family of five at just �830 ten minutes drive from the beach courtesy of AirBnB.

Cumberlover76 Mon 15-Jun-15 14:22:41

Sykes Cottages or Travelzoo?

Ruthiebabes Mon 15-Jun-15 19:19:54

Have a look at

LoopyLa Wed 17-Jun-15 07:12:45

Thanks all, will take a look at all of these! smile

YesThisIsMe Wed 17-Jun-15 07:14:35

There's a MN discount on Cottages 4U which is huge.

longlistofexlovers Wed 17-Jun-15 07:15:14

I just booked for September with

mummymeister Wed 17-Jun-15 10:41:29 is a good website but most cottage websites now have a late availability section that you can look at. you generally get the best deal if you book direct with the owners as agencies can charge up to 20% commission which gets added on to the price you pay.

kevin1968 Mon 13-Jul-15 14:25:54

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Owllady Wed 15-Jul-15 09:53:04

I'm marking my place smile

kali43 Sat 18-Jul-15 18:56:15

marking too!

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