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Restaurant recommodation near Rock, Cornwall pref with seaview.

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Landoni112 Tue 09-Jun-15 21:45:59

Its my Mum's 70th and we are heading down to Cornwall, looking for a nice place to celebrate, but not too stuffy to take her for lunch/dinner.
Obviously there are loads of places, but I am really looking for somewhere with a sea view as she loves the sea, and live nowhere near it normally.

We are based in Rock, but can drive somewhere if its nice. I wanted t go the Jamie Oliver's 15, but have been overruled by other family members!

Heels99 Wed 10-Jun-15 12:10:26

Nathan OUtlaws?

15 does have a great view as does watergate bay hotel and beach hut restaurant both at same location.

Scarlet hotel if you haven't got kids with you.

There are great fish restaurants in Newquay

Headland hotel

Landoni112 Mon 15-Jun-15 11:21:31

Thanks Heels! I will check them out x

mummymeister Mon 15-Jun-15 12:18:10

Sams on the beach. went there once for my birthday really good food and family friendly. there is also a restaurant in Bude that I have never quite got to. cant find the name but go on the tourist board website and you will find details there.

Landoni112 Wed 17-Jun-15 17:27:47

Thanks mummy, that place looks great, I think it might be a little informal for the main dinner, but might head down there a different day, thanks!

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