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Dinner in Brighton

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whostolethesocks Mon 08-Jun-15 16:36:04

Going to Brighton on Sunday and staying overnight. Any recommendations on a nice restaurant please (just me and OH)?

magimedi Mon 08-Jun-15 16:41:32

Terre a terre - it is vegetarian but is the most amazing experience - you will be blown away by the food. There is nowhere doing veggie food of this standard anywhere else I know in UK.

I am not a vegetarian but it is always my 'treat' place to eat if in Brighton.

Chchchchangeabout Mon 08-Jun-15 16:46:26

Riddle and Finns. Lovely romantic seafood restaurant, delicious. One in the lanes and one on the seafront.

whostolethesocks Mon 08-Jun-15 17:46:46

Oh liking the sound of the veggie as I am that way inclined! Would need to convince my OH though!

magimedi Mon 08-Jun-15 19:17:47

Honestly, tell your OH to go for this:

Better Batter and Lemony Yemeni Relish 14.95
Soft buttermilk soaked halloumi dipped in chip shop batter, served with vodka-spiked preserved plum tomatoes, bright fresh pea mint hash with pickled quails egg, sea salad tartar and chubby chips, finished with lemony Yemeni relish. Delish with fresh young leaves companion!

I have never, ever known a meat eater not to be wowed!

And just look at the pudding menu - and I normally never go for puds!

DragonRojo Tue 09-Jun-15 12:54:23

terre a terre is fantastic. I really recommend it

Polarbearpolarbear Tue 09-Jun-15 19:02:06

Riddle & Finns on the beach or Casa Don Carlos in the lanes- best tapas wee have ever eaten- Spain included.

Polarbearpolarbear Tue 09-Jun-15 19:02:30


whostolethesocks Tue 09-Jun-15 19:52:48

I think I might need lunch and dinner!

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