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Holidays in term time - Boooooooo

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Twine88 Sun 07-Jun-15 16:58:33

DS starts school in September, so we now find ourselves holiday planning around school holidays. We normally do Center Parcs, but, I cannot bring myself to pay the price hike...So, I was thinking Devon/Cornwall for Easter - but, is an Easter break worth it? I just worry the weather will be crap and that we may as well stay at home and just do day trips? Is it worth just holding out to go away the May/June halfterm? What do other people do? I should add we cannot plan to go away during summer holiday, due to DH work - so would really like a break booked, kids (will be) 5 and 2, and they love swimming, so was thinking holiday camp (as civilised as possible!) and/or glamping. Bring me your best ideas!

AndNowItsSeven Sun 07-Jun-15 17:04:09

When is ds birthday? Legally you can take a holiday in term time up until the term after his fifth birthday. So if his birthday was January you could holiday until Easter etc

Twine88 Sun 07-Jun-15 17:09:10

birthday early December sad

badRoly Sun 07-Jun-15 17:11:52

I live in Cornwall. Easter weekend this year we had friends down and spent a day in rain in town, a day out thinking the weather would be crap (but it was ok) and 2 days on the beach.

Same friends came at half term and we spent everyday on the beach (including the one that felt like winter) because the kids were booked into a watersports course.

It's luck of the draw I'm afraid!

AndNowItsSeven Sun 07-Jun-15 17:41:31

Shame the birthday wasn't later. I take my dd out of school. She has autism and finds peak holiday times very stressful. Dd is ten, I won't take her out until after Sats next year ( even though I hate them) or in years the later years of high school.

Twine88 Sun 07-Jun-15 17:49:55

Thats understandable AndNowItsSeven. I am irrationally sad at loosing the freedom of going away whenever we please. In part because DH is self employed and school holidays tend to be when he is very busy, so going away is a cost on two levels..but, i confess, in part its that my PFB is old enough to start school!

NickiFury Sun 07-Jun-15 17:53:19

I taken dd out too, also has autism as does my eldest child who is home educated. Same as previous poster, neither do well during peak holiday times. To be fair though I would take them out even if they didn't have autism smile.

AndNowItsSeven Sun 07-Jun-15 17:57:07

I understand , my dd3 starts school in September it doesn't get an easier. She is still my baby - even though she has four younger siblings smile
Many LA's only fine after ten unauthorised sessions per term so it may be possible to tag onto the start and end of a half term saving money on flights. Or send ds in on a Monday morning get a mark then leave.

Sirzy Sun 07-Jun-15 17:58:14

We hAve found booking a year in advance gets the best prices (uk and abroad)

Heels99 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:01:04

I take mine out every year. Never been fined. I just write saying will be taking unauthorized absence

Tequilashotfor1 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:05:42

I always took my dd1 out. We had fab holiday grin

Twine88 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:08:08

I have thought about just taking him out, but, I get the impression the school is VERY against it, we have already been lectured on it (at the intro meeting), but its hard to judge, with not yet being in..although I think I would rather hold the option open for when we are looking at going overseas.

sirzy thats what I wondered, I am a planner , so I am happy to book well ahead!..although DH would rather last minuteso work was not effected (but, he is a bit lf a workaholic and we would therefore NEVER get away)

TeacupTravels Sun 07-Jun-15 18:08:25

A few here have taken a week out and not been fined. It seems to have to do with your absence record.....

I dont like how its making parents feel criminals....

Purplehonesty Sun 07-Jun-15 18:12:30

Dh is allocated leave so most years he hasn't any holidays when the schools are off
Ds is now in school and next year we may have to take him out in May/June if we want to have a family holiday.
I did hear families who work in emergency services and are allocated leave won't be fined but I've no idea where that came from and how to check!

Stevie77 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:14:45

Hold out till May half term if you can. Do you get 2 weeks?

DinosaursRoar Sun 07-Jun-15 18:31:05

For centre parcs, does your DS have any inset days that have already been sorted for next year? my Dc's school tends to add them as a friday or Monday to half terms/holidays, so a Centre parcs Friday - Monday over that weekend is already a lot cheaper (as most DCs will be at school on either the friday or the Monday, whichever end the inset day falls).

Also if your DS is starting this coming september, you might want to look at when he starts, my DC school started the reception children a week after the main school went back, it is very cheap that week (as most people don't take their DCs out for the first of term even if they will at othe times).

YonicScrewdriver Sun 07-Jun-15 18:33:43

If you can stretch to flights somewhere, may half term can have cheaper accommodation in Europe in countries where school holidays start in June.

drspouse Sun 07-Jun-15 18:33:49

We have two schools under half a mile from us and one is VERY firm and sticks to the letter of the law, one says "not just for holidays but there may be circumstances in which it would be educational".

Sleepyfergus Sun 07-Jun-15 18:41:16

I'm sure I'll be flamed but I personally don't condone parents taking kids out of school to go on holidays. I totally agree it's terrible that holiday companies immediately hike the prices up, but as a pp states, forward planning can help with prices, or having to find alternatives for holidays.

It's not so much what your kid will miss, it's the time teaching staff have to take to bring said kids up to speed with what they have missed which must be infuriating for the teacher but also distracts the curriculum and distracting for other children who have attended. I think on the whole - and in severe cases, some exceptions are valid - it's actually quite selfish

And I don't buy that "our holidays are more educational and rewarding than being at school". Really? Then home school and stop taking the place in a school that could easily go to someone else.

Twine88 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:54:09

stevie77 only one week sadly.

dinosaurroar yes, there is one at the end of Easter next year, so I was thinking of doing a Cp weekend at end of Easter and then going away in May/June. We start back later then most, so already have an early September break booked! Lots to consider!

sleepyfergus The price hike is shocking, my instinct would be to not take DS out. I have teachers in the family, and agree with the points I am a bit of a rule follower! And up to now we have not gone away during summer because DH work, so, I am pleased to finally be able to go away and have a chance of better weather!

TeacupTravels Sun 07-Jun-15 19:17:52

Our infant school used to be happy to let parents have up to 2 weeks (in one session only) each year if their attendance was ok etc. You used to have to ask permission. No one minded, lots of "naice m/c parents" etc took their kids out. I don't think any of the teachers are really behind the Gove intiative to be honest.

NickiFury Sun 07-Jun-15 19:29:00

I know quite a few teachers and not a single one thinks that the rules on term time holidays are a positive thing.

In fact the only place I ever hear people moaning about how terrible and selfish it is to take a term time holiday is right here on MN.

Cherriesandapples Sun 07-Jun-15 19:35:42

Well, the DC's school is on a crack down and we used to do Centre parts but the prices this year were frankly too much! We went to holiday park and stayed in a caravan and the children said it was the best holiday ever!

icklekid Sun 07-Jun-15 19:40:57

I'm only frustrated that as a teacher I have to take them in the holidays! Dh is unimpressed by the cost - must plan maternity leave better next time wink oh well I'm sure I get enough holiday to make up for it...if only I really was on holiday all that time!

L0gLady Sun 07-Jun-15 19:43:29

We have had beautiful Easters in Cornwall for the last 4 years smile

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