Bluestone with a 2 year old, next week.

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curlyclaz13 Sat 06-Jun-15 11:46:45

Sorry another Bluestone thread ! We are off for 5 days on Monday, we already have Folly Farm tickets and plan on a trip to Tenby and Barafundle beach/Stackpole. Where else can we go that doesn't cost a fortune and is toddler friendly ?
Also I have seen people suggest get a food shop before you arrive, where is the nearest big supermarket ?
Any other tips appreciated smile

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massagegirl Thu 18-Jun-15 22:00:38

Hi curly. How was bluestone with a two year old?

Madcats Sun 21-Jun-15 18:51:02

We first took DD (aged 15 months) when we were escaping major building works. Take some reins/pushchair if 2yr old is walking. You might need to do a bit of crawling/bouncing but I reckon a 2 year old should enjoy a few bits of the adventure centre (free) if it rains

If you are coming along the M4 there is a massive Tesco on the right hand side of a roundabout on the way around Caramarthen (and an Aldi that takes a bit more effort to find).

I can't remember where on earth we were going, but we also ended up at Pembroke Docks and found a Lidl and possibly the cheapest petrol station in Wales.

It's "catch 22" with the shop in the village. I try to buy a few things there because it is really useful to have a store onsite. I also think it is important to get out and about to support local pubs.

DD was still clocking up massive sleep hours aged 2, so I think your list would have been fine. Pendine is a vast beach if you pack a kite.

Hope the weather stays good for you.

armsandtheman Sun 21-Jun-15 19:01:09

You can spend a day or 2 doing the free things onsite. Pool is great, adventure centre with circus room upstairs (soft play), playground in town. Tree houses may be a bit tricky for 2 year old, but my 3.5 year old loved them. You'll need a buggy as it's a lot of walking. Golf buggy is £80 for mon to fri, fun but not cheap!

My main gripe is that the free dance session in village is 5.30 to 6.30. Rubbish timing for toddlers! The show dinner was nice for a night. You pay, but get dinner and kids are well entertained. Starts 4.30 and finishes about 6.

armsandtheman Sun 21-Jun-15 19:05:19

Also, check in early (from 11). You can use facilities but not house. We arrived at about 4.45 and had to wait over half an hr in car. Completely threw dinner time and could have been a real pain as dd is out of nappies. Hot too. She was so excited, took ages to calm her down. Not a good start, but things improved after that!

serengelly Sun 21-Jun-15 19:05:54

Tesco and Lidl in Pembroke Dock. Definitely go to Mencap Gardens at Stackpole for cheap day out, picnic in The Secret Garden there, wander around. Angle is best beach for little ones, safe and contained and lovely cafe. Carew castle (and pub) lovely, Saundersfoot lovely beach and cafes, Manor House Park (Anna's Welsh Zoo) good for little ones too. Lots to see and do!

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