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Jersey recommendations please - May Half Term with 5yr and 2yr old

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lurkingmurking Thu 14-May-15 11:30:58

We're travelling to Jersey for May half term staying near St Brelade.

Does anyone have any recommendations for days out with two lively boys?

Or good places to eat - maybe even with a play area?

My list so far includes: Pallot Steam Museum, Durrell Zoo, Maritime Museum, Mont Orgueil, aMaizin, Les Mielles (maybe kids too young though?), Elizabeth Castle.

We get there early on Saturday so thinking of heading to the food market to stock up on goodies.

Is it worth hiring bikes? 5yr old can ride really well and could probably manage a mile or two pretty easily.

Any other tips?

MrsPiddlewink Thu 14-May-15 11:32:02

Bike riding - yes! We loved cycling the coast, enjoy!

lurkingmurking Thu 14-May-15 11:50:40

Thanks MrsPiddlewink did you hire bikes and where from?

meditrina Thu 14-May-15 11:52:19

Jersey is lovely!

I thought that Les Mielles is very overpriced for what it offers, but the aMaizin Maze should be spot on (but it can get busy, I'd suggest going first thing and leaving at lunchtime, especially if sunny as there's very little shade).

The Martime Museum is wonderful, last time we were there it had a dres up box, so you can go round accompanied by your own personal mermaid, or pirate or whatever. Lots of hands on stuff too. And you can get tickets which admit you to all if the Jersey Heritage sites, and the Jersey Museum is a very short walk and it has a reconstruction of a merchant's house, including the children's nursery which has old fashioned toys that visitors can play with. It also covers La Hougue Bie, which runs children's events for much of the summer.

Mont Orgueil is a lovely castle, but some of the staircases are a bit hazardous. It has dress up too, and a small playground. If you're in Gorey, the beach there is nice, and there's a playground there too (in the middle, by the village not the harbour).

If you hire bikes, try from St Helier (by the causeway to Elizabeth castle) then you can cycle along the path towards St Aubin (no cars, but Le Petit Train uses it). They hire out helmets too (now compulsory, I think).

Best beaches for that age are St Brelades Bay, Greve de l'Ecque and Plemont (all with cafes and lifeguards). St Ouen's beach is huge, but perhaps better for older children who are in to surfing/bodyboarding.

The Lion Park doesn't have lions btw. It's named for the Lions Club, and aside from the playground might not interest little ones. You can see red squirrels there sometimes. The Living Legend probably isn't worth it for small ones, who won't appreciate the heritage film, are below the age limit (10) for the karting, and who will be too small for the (huge) crazy golf.

lurkingmurking Thu 14-May-15 13:42:47

Brilliant thanks meditrina.

I think we're going to hold off on hiring bikes for now and see how we go when we are there. We have a hire car so won't be a problem getting around.

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