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Cornwall self-catering

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midnightexpress Sat 25-Apr-15 18:40:47

We're thinking about a holiday in Cornwall with our DC who are 8 and 9 and quite outdoorsy. Looking at a couple of places in the far west, near Sennen Cove. Has anyone any experience of that area - is there lots to do? Any tips? And how long does it take to drive there from, say, Bristol? We'd be driving down form Scotland so probably looking at a stopover somewhere on the way.

Leviticus Sat 25-Apr-15 18:54:40

There is absolutely loads to do! West Cornwall is amazing - do it. Are your DC outdoorsy? It has stunning coastal walks and coves.

It's about 2.5 hours from Bristol I reckon.

crappyday Sat 25-Apr-15 18:56:44

Sennen is lovely. It does take ages from anywhere. And if you're going height of summer, try not to drive down on a Saturday because it will be sloooow.
The roads down that far are in some places very narrow, and when caravan meets caravan everybody has to wait smile
But it is lovely. Fantastic beach.
Great art gallery.
Big waves.

mummymeister Mon 27-Apr-15 12:03:29

we usually stay in SE Cornwall around Looe and then make day trips out further west. the journey along the A30 during school hols is pretty horrible and the A38 is a much easier/nicer one. if you can go at the start of the Scottish school hols then you will find that prices are cheaper and there is a lot more choice. we stay HERE but they do get busy as they have a swimming pool and farm animals. takes us about 2 hours from Exeter to Looe. we find loads to do in the Looe area and then the odd longer trip down to the bottom of cornwall but really during the weekdays it only takes about an hour or so even to the Minack or Lands end. have a look at the cornwall tourist board site called VisitCornwall. you will see loads of stuff on there to do.

midnightexpress Thu 30-Apr-15 10:14:22

Thanks very much everyone - sorry for delay responding - DP managed to slice through our internet connection. Great tips - we've booked somewhere in Mousehole so really looking forward to it now. Hurrah for Scottish school hols - the difference in price between the start and end of July was about £500!

clottedcreamteawithscone Thu 30-Apr-15 13:32:05

Bristol is the killer...We leave home at stupid o clock just to get past Bristol then we stop and then drive leisurely.

you must plan not to hit Bristol any later than 6am in the morning otherwise you will be sat in your car for hours and hours

midnightexpress Tue 05-May-15 16:37:25

Oh thanks clottedcreamteawithscone. Good to know, though I very much doubt we can be there for 6am. wine

Guin1 Thu 14-May-15 16:58:56

Mousehole is just gorgeous! But a nightmare to drive through, esp in the summer - very narrow windy streets. Make sure you pronounce it correctly - Mow-zl. ("Mow" to rhyme with cow.) Try to see a show at the Minack and visit St Michael's Mount. If you arrive in time, Mazey Day in Penzance is 27th June. I would estimate 3 hours driving from Bristol to Mousehole, assuming sensible levels of traffic.

thewalrus Thu 21-May-15 12:56:00

Lucky you - Mousehole is lovely and the far west is well worth the extra effort in my view!
Would second the trip to St Michael's Mount - it's a really fun day out - if you go there, make sure you get a pasty from Philps for lunch. Best pasties in Cornwall!
Sennen is well worth a day out - I like it there so much that one of my children's middle name is Sennen! - get there early if you can to bag a space in the bottom car park. The walk from Sennen to Lands End is really nice and very manageable, and you can make use of the open top bus one way if you like.
Porthcurno is lovely too - have heard lots of good things about the telegraph museum there if you need a wet weather option, though haven't been ourselves yet. My kids also really like exploring Logan Rock, though some of the climbing around is a bit nerve wracking.
If the budget allows, 2 Fore St in Mousehole is a great restaurant, with a really nice kids menu, lovely staff and atmosphere. Actually, if the budget is large, consider a day trip to the Scillies - pretty much paradise for outdoorsy kids.
I reckon 3 hours from Brisol to Mousehole assumes you are lucky with the traffic, sorry!

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