Looking for something in between Haven and Centreparcs...

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nonsense0name Wed 22-Apr-15 14:26:25

So I am looking for centreparcs but without the centreparcs budget - AIBU grin

What I mean is I'd like a lodge/cottage type place in a nice complex with on site stuff to keep kiddies happy ages 2-16. I've looked at some haven type things but the accommodation looks too crammed in.

Surely there are loads of places in between these two options...but I do not know where to look, any recommendations greatly appreciated.

I am SE and happy to drive 3 hours max. I will be looking for school hols so £££.

Thanks smile

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SingingHinnies Wed 22-Apr-15 14:30:04

Haven - cala gran at Blackpool is a lovely little park, im going in a 4 bed van with a verander, i go all the time, theres a petting farm outside, tram down to blackpool and shops. I like havens but the smaller parks. Have a look at the reviews on trip advisor

SingingHinnies Wed 22-Apr-15 14:31:23

You can normally tell the quieter parks, also book private not through haven.

TwiceAsNiceAsIceAndaSlice Wed 22-Apr-15 14:36:38

I've heard very good things about Sandyballs.

[childish snigger]

Not been there but have seen it recommended on here and (gasp) in RL.

I actually came on to recommend Bluestone in Pembrokeshire but that may be over your 3hr travel limit.

reddaisy Wed 22-Apr-15 14:38:07

Kelling Heath in Norfolk is supposed to be nice but I haven't been. Ribby Hall is also nice (have been) but might be more than 3 hours away from you and it probably better for younger children.

Stinkyfeet Wed 22-Apr-15 14:40:18

Crowhurst Park is nice, although not sure how it would be for teens.

magpieC Wed 22-Apr-15 14:48:36

We've been to Kelling Heath but it was of season (October) so might not be representative. We stayed in one of the lodges which was fine although a bit on the small side. Had the advantage that it came with access to indoor swimming pool though which was good. Not the same level of on site activities as CP but lots of space, couple of kids playgrounds and a train halt to catch the steam train. Also an outdoor pool area but obviously we didn't investigate that.

I've not been but a friend recommended www.pinelodgeholidays.co.uk/

SomewhereIBelong Wed 22-Apr-15 14:53:32

Hoseasons lodges are nice. We are CP fans and have found nothing compares to CP, but Hoseasons lodges have nicer accommodation with less activities - but often a nice pool and playground.

nonsense0name Wed 22-Apr-15 15:10:38

Thanks for the replies so far....very quick! Will check them all out and cannot believe there is a place called sandyballs ha ha ha - my ds teen will prob refuse to go on account of name grin

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TwiceAsNiceAsIceAndaSlice Wed 22-Apr-15 15:57:20


Ginismyfriend Wed 22-Apr-15 16:02:55

Searles in Hunstanton is brilliant - we usually do Center Parcs but had a fab (and bargainous) holiday there at Easter and will definitely go back.

SingingHinnies Wed 22-Apr-15 16:06:55

Blackpool is great for teens and small kids if you dont do the typical cheesy stuff, we just head down throught the day. A week involves

A day at Blackpool pleasure beach
A day shopping, lunch and tower/circus
A day at the zoo
A drive along to Lytham st Annes
A day on the park, petting zoo
A day at the beach, any one, theres a few. Poulton a little further along is a lovely quiet beach.
A day at the waterpark/a show/winter gardens
Avoid Blackpool at dark and spend evenings at a local family pub or on the park

Book a private van some include passes, this means your normally on the quieter owners side of the park

Use your tesco club card points for pleasure beach and tower to save lots of money

Pootles2010 Wed 22-Apr-15 16:10:51

You're in the South East? How about Center Parcs in Europe? If you did dover-calais crossing, you could get there easily enough - its much cheaper. We're off in June - can't wait!

snowgirl1 Wed 22-Apr-15 16:18:13

We recently stayed at a Landal Greenparks Het Vennenbos location in the Netherlands. I've never been to CP, but picked it because it looked similar but a LOT less expensive. It has a 'subtropical water paradise' - indoor pool with wave machine, lazy river, slides etc. - I'm sure it's not on the same scale as CP but it worked really well for us. It was about a 3 hour drive from Calais.

ClaudetteWyms Wed 22-Apr-15 16:18:47

I'd second Searles in Hunstanton, and also recommend Haven Wild Duck (Norfolk) - get a lodge or summer house rather than a caravan as they're bigger and not at all packed in.

But tbh the whole Wild Duck site isn't crammed in at all, it definitely has a "Center Parcs lite" feel to it, and as well as having facilities onsite it's a short drive to many attractions perfect for kids of all ages.

Branleuse Wed 22-Apr-15 16:39:47

Wild duck park in norfolk is a haven site and its in woodland and a bit quieter than some other sites

Branleuse Wed 22-Apr-15 16:41:01


sacbina Wed 22-Apr-15 22:39:47

marking my place smile

306235388 Wed 22-Apr-15 22:44:39

I've heard good things about Ribby hall

3catsandcounting Fri 24-Apr-15 20:10:14

I live near Ribby Hall if you need any info?

Yeasayer Fri 24-Apr-15 22:18:26

We're going to bluestone in Wales next week. Centre parcs but not! We have an 18mth old. There's loads to do on the complex (spa, creche, soft play, pool, activities for older kids) & amazing beaches with lots of places to visit off complex. Here's the website...
Happy to feed back when we return if anyone's interested.

TheBitterBoy Fri 24-Apr-15 22:24:53

Would definitely second looking at CP in Europe, we are going to the new one in France at the end of July and a premier villa is costing £1200 compared to nearly £3000 for the same week at Longleat CP. We went to a Dutch one last year and they are pretty comparable to the uk ones.

bendybrickpumpkinpatch Tue 28-Apr-15 13:56:03

yeasayer I just checked Bluestone and although it looks lovely its more expensive than CP !!

nonsense0name Wed 29-Apr-15 09:44:22

Thank you v much. I had a look at Searles as I've wanted to go to North Norfolk for ages....still looks a bit campsite to me....but I'll check out the lodges too, thank you. Been once to Centreparcs off-season and the one thing I loved about it was the wow factor when arriving....driving into the woods and not seeing obvious rows of caravans iyswim....but maybe that is part of the reason why CP is so £££.

Off to check out all the replies which I am very grateful for (Bluestone might be a bit too far for this year but is on my list for later), many thankssmile

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hooker29 Sat 02-May-15 20:31:24

Sandyballs is nice-been a few times.
Hoburne sites are good -we use them a lot and a couple have lodges.

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