best deal for staying and visiting peppa pig world

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2boys2girls Sat 18-Apr-15 10:29:46

I appreciate this has prob been done million times but need some new/fresh ideas/suggestions. Which is the best/cheapest way to visit and stay when planning a peppa pig world day? I plan to go in summer hols and want a 1 maybe 2 night stay near pp world.. Any ideas where ?is it best to book tickets and hotel separate or as a deal ?best to do independent or through paultons/pp world ?
Thanks in advance;-)

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wume Sat 18-Apr-15 16:27:19

If you go through Paltons then you get the 2nd day free. so I would have thought that was cheapest.

We did it through Paltons and stayed at the local Premier Inn type place.

skyeskyeskye Sat 25-Apr-15 17:59:51

We stayed at the Premier Inn at the end of the road from PP. It was cheaper to book PI direct, and book PP direct online for two days tickets. That was a couple years ago.

Two days in park is worth it as there's loads to do in PP as well as PPW.

MayorofMunchkinCity Sat 25-Apr-15 18:07:59

We did the same as skye - stayed in the Premier Inn that is literally at the end of the road of Paultons Park. The pub next to it wasn't great for food later in the day but fine for breakfast in the morning. We did 2 whole days at Peppa pig world/paultons park too - def worth doing 2 days. Bought tickets online the day before for less than it would have cost to buy them at the gate on the day. We loved it!

MayorofMunchkinCity Sat 25-Apr-15 18:09:05

It's the Southampton West premier inn if you want to check prices etc online.

MayorofMunchkinCity Sat 25-Apr-15 18:11:15

I should add that doing Premier Inn and buying the park tickets online in advance separately was way cheaper than the deals we found when searching through the PP website for hotel and tickets deals!

2boys2girls Tue 28-Apr-15 07:12:31

Thanks for all advice x

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TheEmpressofBlandings Tue 28-Apr-15 07:27:03

We went in the Easter hols. If you are going in summer, it's going to be busy so I'd try and go on a day when the weather looks questionable rather than a sunny day! There were no queues at all when we went, which makes the experience so much better.
The other thing is that we packed a picnic but actually the food looked pretty good and not too pricey.

Romsey1999 Tue 24-Apr-18 16:11:53

15 minutes from Paultons Park is a lovely cottage on a working farm sleeps 6 and you can go and see all the lambs, cows and calves. It is situated in Michelmersh called Bluebells and can be booked through Welcome Cottages .

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