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gaahhnonicknamesleft Sat 11-Apr-15 13:11:51

We've been very lucky with the weather on our last few holidays in the UK and now completely converted to holidaying in the UK (not to mention ease of transporting small children).

These are the places we now love, what other gems have we been missing out on?

- Pembrokeshire, particularly the st Davids peninsular
- the Gower
- North Devon (though only been out of school hols, now tied to school holidays, does it get very busy?)
- Cornwall (but a bit far for us, from South East, plus see above re school hols)
- I was surprised at how stunning rural Leicestershire is in the spring

Not mad keen on the Lake District or places that are more rugged. Love beaches and DC1 likes castles and museums (though nothing too intellectual as he is only 5!)

Where should we consider for this summer?


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Northumberlandlass Sat 11-Apr-15 13:15:04


lk26 Sat 11-Apr-15 13:15:43

Northumberland is fab. Beaches. Castles. Etc. Dorset is also great.
Was going to recommend the Lake District as I live there but saw you don't like it confused

SmartAlecMetalGit Sat 11-Apr-15 13:16:49

Was also going to say Northumberland, it's pretty well summed up by the phrase "beaches and castles" grin

We went there loads for family holidays when I was a child (I also adored beaches and castles!) and it was wonderful.

gaahhnonicknamesleft Sat 11-Apr-15 13:23:46

Is Northumberland warm enough for beach paddling (excuse the ignorant southerner)

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AuntieStella Sat 11-Apr-15 13:25:04

Norfolk - lots of lovely beaches (more stately homes than castles, though)

Jersey - involves ferry or flight, but great beaches, Durrell zoo, two castles (and duty free allowance as not part of EU)

North Wales/Anglesey

Fife (plus day trip to Edinburgh)

gaahhnonicknamesleft Sat 11-Apr-15 13:27:34

To be fair to the lake district my view probably influenced by receiving bad news while we were there, going back would bring back too many memories. Plus it rained. A lot. Which I suspect goes with there being lakes.

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gaahhnonicknamesleft Sat 11-Apr-15 13:29:31

Norfolk is somewhere I've thought about before but never looked into. Going on my list along with Northumberland.

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tryingtocatchthewind Sat 11-Apr-15 13:32:10

North Yorkshire is nice; your little one would love the north York moors railway and Whitby/Scarborough are both lovely.

gaahhnonicknamesleft Sat 11-Apr-15 13:34:23

All places beginning with N....

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wume Sat 11-Apr-15 14:42:13

Weymouth. Great beach for kids with donkey rides, Punch and Judy, trampolines on the beach and a little fun fair next to it.

Northe Fort for the cannons and underground tunnels.

Harbour for watching the boats.

Nearby is Swanage with Corfe Castle, although it's more a ruin than a castle, and Swanage has a fab steam train which your DS might like.

Monkey world is just up the road as well.

Kimmeridge is close by for fossil hunting.

Can you tell it's my favourite place to take small children grin

Northumberlandlass Sat 11-Apr-15 17:12:20

My son will swim in North Sea in summer with just his shorts on, he's probably immune to cold though.
It's not THAT cold up here wink

Unescorted Sat 11-Apr-15 17:13:59

Peaks / Staffadshire Moorlands

mrstiggy Sat 11-Apr-15 17:16:58

Northumberland is my favourite place so far in the UK. Especially if you have NT membership. We spent all week playing on the beach and walking around some fabulous castles and spent hardly anything at all. It's a beautiful place.
Norfolk is nice too, and has been warmer. But everything feels further apart so we felt like we did a fair amount of 'travelling to'.
Filey and Flamborough are nice in Yorkshire.

MyFriendsCallMeOh Sat 11-Apr-15 17:19:58

Hastings in sussex for funiculars up cliffs, seafront with crazy golf and mini trains, smugglers caves, battle of Hastings site and abbey, pop to nearby Rye for tiny cobblestoned town and cream teas. Lots of pyo fruit nearby too..... This is my home town and I go back every summer.

gaahhnonicknamesleft Sat 11-Apr-15 18:54:42

Rye we like but we do as a day trip. Not had a Hastings day trip yet though, thanks for the tip.

Northumberland sounds great, possibly too far away for us though (we also have to drive 280 miles to SW Wales to see inlaws in the summer holidays at some point)

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MyFriendsCallMeOh Sun 12-Apr-15 01:10:27

And Hastings has the castle dating from 1067 too of course.... For more castles, Bodiam is a good day out, Leeds castle and we did Hever Castle last summer too, really interesting and amazing grounds with jousting in the summer....

gaahhnonicknamesleft Sun 12-Apr-15 19:05:29

We discovered Bodiam castle recently - the dc thought it was awesome! (their words). And bonus that it was free as National trust membership.

They like ruined castles as they are scared of any one dressed up or the sort of manikins that lots of castles seem to have (scaredy-cat children alert). We have never considered Hastings castle (maybe we should have a staycation instead!)

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weasle Wed 15-Apr-15 11:21:11

Dorset! Loads to do, beaches, castles, fossils!

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