where am I thinking of?

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nochocolateforlentteacake Mon 06-Apr-15 22:52:49

I'm trying to plan a quick 'getaway' for the end of the month, just me, the old man and DS (10).

It needs to be within 3 hour drive of central London and I love the water (sea, river, puddle...dont really care), but somewhere peaceful where we can eat well, relax and do a bit of hiking (pref old burial sites, or standing stones for me).

Has anyone any good ideas? I'm my minds eye, it's a quaint b+b in the middle of nowhere...

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pasbeaucoupdegendarme Mon 06-Apr-15 22:57:02

Cotswolds? Beautiful walks, and if you go Windrush valley direction some river walks too. Lots of history round that neck of the woods and options for outdoorsy things or mooching in villages/coffee shops.

nochocolateforlentteacake Mon 06-Apr-15 22:59:16

Ooo just googled it and it looks perfect!

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CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Mon 06-Apr-15 23:02:06


nochocolateforlentteacake Mon 06-Apr-15 23:03:47

Is that where the Jurassic coast is?

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CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Mon 06-Apr-15 23:06:08

Yup - lots of fossiling, posh pub food, beaches and hills

hesterton Mon 06-Apr-15 23:06:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChippyMinton Mon 06-Apr-15 23:07:28

Head out to Wiltshire? Salisbury?

BaronessBomburst Mon 06-Apr-15 23:11:36


LuisGarcia Mon 06-Apr-15 23:13:30

West Wight.

WhatAHooHa Mon 06-Apr-15 23:16:42

Wiltshire... Cotswold Water Park, White Horse Hill, Avebury, Silbury Hill, the Ridgeway to walk along, nice country pubs... Everything you need!

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