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Self catering for 12 people, near Exeter in July. Help!

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stitch10yearson Sun 29-Mar-15 19:29:25

I'm not having any luck. Perhaps because I don't really know where to look. Advice would be appreciated.
I am trying to find somewhere for my family to stay to attend a graduation ceremony in Exeter on the 17th, and then spend the weekend in Devon. there are 8 adults and 4 kids, or 9 and 3 if you count a 14 year old as an adult, which I suppose he is in size terms.

pickles184 Sun 29-Mar-15 20:39:10

South Farm Cottages, it is about 15-20 mins from exeter and lovely

hopefully that takes you to their July availability page.

Sycamoretrees Sun 29-Mar-15 20:56:53

mummymeister Mon 30-Mar-15 14:44:10

look at and websites. however the 17th is the start of school summer holidays so finding somewhere just for a weekend is going to be a struggle as most places will only let for a week in school hols. they might let you only take the weekend but charge the full week price. you might find it cheaper and easier to take over a Travelodge or premier inn place and book several rooms there as they will do weekends and it will be more cost effective.

Lilymaid Mon 30-Mar-15 14:49:28

Have you considered actually staying at the university - 2015&roomCount=6&location=&promotion= Holland Hall has double (small double) beds.
Places to stay off campus.
You would be very lucky to get a let for 2 nights in Devon in July

spababe Mon 30-Mar-15 17:29:45

Helpful Holidays have availability at this property about 12 miles from Exeter (away from the coast though)

LouisePH Sat 13-Jun-15 13:16:53

We stayed at - it's central, with free parking, & gets great reviews, but only up to 4.

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