Help holiday cottage suggestions for group of 12 adults and 12 children!

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Lotafox Thu 19-Mar-15 13:37:37

Can anyone suggest a holiday cottage, ideally nottinghamshire or peak district area that would fit in 12 adults and 12 children? Perhaps somewhere with couple of family rooms? All the children are under 6 and half are in toddlers/babies in travel cots so we only need 8-10 rooms.

I'm struggling so if anyone has any suggests they will be gratefully received!

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appleandblackberrycrumble Thu 19-Mar-15 14:02:58

We've stayed in

twice - sleeps 20, but I think that number doesn't include under 2s in travel cots. Nottinghamshire, lovely big garden, good communal areas. Bedrooms very a lot in size, so may or may not suit your party. Lovely, friendly, helpful owners.

Owned by the same people, nearby, slightly bigger house (but I've never been to it)

I've found a good website.

YHA worth a try, too

Or Google something like "large group self cater Peak District" (and expect to spend hours sifting through results).

Good Luck!

mummymeister Thu 19-Mar-15 15:08:56

try the websites and you will definitely find something on there.

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