Scottish cottage / caravan needed for summer holiday with dog!

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MrsRossPoldark Tue 17-Mar-15 23:54:07


I can't find anything free from 24/7/15 for up to a fortnight, for 5 people and a dog, in Scotland. DH wants Highlands but as we live in S England, not too far into the Highlands as we'll end up spending most of the holiday driving to get there!

Everything I've looked at so far is gone. DH won't commit to those dates, but I'm going ahead and trying to get him a shortlist and he can just pick one! Struggling to actually find one to add to any shortlist!

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mummymeister Wed 18-Mar-15 08:52:16

yep - school summer holidays have got pretty much booked out already thanks to the Gove changes to holidays in term time. your best bet is to look at websites like petswelcome and dogswelcome and dogfriendly. you might find something on there. we aren't dog owners anymore but friends who are say that a lot of places don't take dogs in school summer holidays because so many beaches are now dog ban during these months. might be worth having a look at where the dog friendly beaches are near to where you want to stay and then work back from there in terms of places to stay. Also have a word with the local tourist information office. they have lots of info that isn't easy to find on the internet.

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