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Samquickly Fri 13-Mar-15 13:46:11

Dear mums
You were kind enough to rate us second for best UK holiday destinations. We Island residents love to welcome you. We need your help. A planning application is being considered by the Island Council to close the beautiful coastal path across Flowers Brook between Steephill Cove and Ventnor for 2 years. It is proposed to erect an industrial size electricity substation/turbine room there which is supposed to recover electricity from an experimental tidal centre off St Catherine's Point.
We ARE NOT AGAINST RENEWABLES. After four years the Council could not get a single offer of support from the tidal industry because the scheme is scientifically unsound and unworkable.
Undeterred the Council teamed up with a couple of local business men (with no tidal experience, no funds and a history of opening and dissolving over 50 companies). Together they formed a company called Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre. The Council donated £1million from public funds and kept the whole deal secret.
Now the Council will be able to pass the application through the planning system even though they have a vested interest. They said it's all perfectly legal and you can't do anything about it. They have closed public toilets and refused to clean our beaches - we may loose our blue flags - when tourists bring over half a billion pounds to our economy which we desperately need. Please enter Flowers Brook at Change.Org and sign our petition. We want to welcome you again to our beautiful Island.
Thank you

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