Chessington - restaurants any good?

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hulahoopsilove Sat 28-Feb-15 09:22:42

we are staying soon and wondered what onsite food place were like? also in the hotels

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spababe Sun 01-Mar-15 17:07:33

Really terrible in the holiday inn - very overpriced for what looks like a microwaved ready meal

Timeforabiscuit Sun 01-Mar-15 17:09:29

We had food in the hotels and it was better than I thought (posh buffet) but in the park it was not good, best bet is the pizza one as at least its all you can eat!

hulahoopsilove Sun 01-Mar-15 17:17:36

Im expecting junk food in the park but we are staying in the Azteca for 2 nights and dont want junk at night as well!

what was on the buffet?

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PandasRock Sun 01-Mar-15 17:21:04

Buffet is ok-ish at Azteca.

Generic pasta/burger/rice dish/chips. Very same-y but edible. The manager is fabulous, and will happily help out where possible (eg there isn't generally fruit available at the lunch buffet, but he brought us a bowl of fruit when we asked, and then each time we went he did the same).

hulahoopsilove Sun 01-Mar-15 17:30:57

first day when we go Im taking food/picnic, then we will eat in hotel, following day it will be park food but wanted something different for 2nd night

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PandasRock Sun 01-Mar-15 18:05:58

There are 2 hotels, with different restaurants (linked, can eat in either). The temple restaurant (in Azteca) is far better with children, imo, although Zafari wasn't bad, just more expensive and less choice.

You could always pop out of Chessimgton of you want something different. There's a Beefeater just down the road, or Epsom is not too far away, with more restaurant choices.

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