Things for kids in Highbury/Islington

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Reiltin Sun 22-Feb-15 19:06:53

I'm visiting my brother in London next weekend - he lives between Highbury & Islington. I have a 20mo toddler so I'm looking for ideas of things to do in the area on Friday afternoon and Saturday & Sunday mornings. All ideas welcome, though cheap/free ideas most of all grin

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Reiltin Mon 23-Feb-15 09:16:34

Bump smile

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Disastronaut Mon 23-Feb-15 09:35:48

You could try Full of Beans in Highbury, it's a kids cafe with a very small soft play for tinies and nice food.

And just down the road at the top end of Highbury Fields there's a little play area with a few ride-along cars & little slides. There's a kiosk to get coffees etc there as well. You can see it on your left if you're heading up Highbury Grove.

You could also try The Place on the Corner, a children's cafe on Newington Green.

You need to check that both this one and Full of Beans are open though - often hired for birthday parties at weekends.

Disastronaut Mon 23-Feb-15 09:36:31

Sorry, my links haven't worked, I'm on the app confused

Reiltin Mon 23-Feb-15 15:06:38

No worries. Thanks so much for the info smile

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thewalrus Tue 24-Feb-15 10:35:03

Larger playground at the bottom of highbury fields (near highbury and islington tube station) well worth a visit. We used to go there everyday when we lived in Highbury - would have been very happy with the Full of Beans cafe moments from our house if it had been there then too! There is a swimming pool in Highbury fields as well if weather is wet, though obviously that isn't free!

thewalrus Tue 24-Feb-15 10:36:26

Oh and there used to be a city farm in islington - not sure if it's still there, my knowledge is some years out of date. I can't remember what it was called - was only 10 mins or so walk from Highbury Fields, towards Canonbury.

Yokohamajojo Tue 24-Feb-15 10:44:23

Farm is still there, towards Holloway:

Also have a playground and cafe

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