Child friendly in St Albans?

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CrispyFern Thu 19-Feb-15 11:57:01

We've got to go down for a competition for DC1 in June, and we will have toddler DC2 too, can anyone recommend a particular hotel? Thank you!

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HowardTJMoon Thu 19-Feb-15 22:59:49

I haven't stayed in it myself (I already live in St Albans!) but there is a new Premier Inn that opened a few months back right in the city centre. As it's a complete new build it has lifts etc and they do have family rooms. The biggest downside is that the car park is one of the main city centre ones and so is about 100 metres from the hotel and gets very busy on a Saturday.

Where's the competition being held?

mummymeister Fri 20-Feb-15 09:30:12

agree with Howard. the premier inn is as child friendly as you need for a one or two night stay. it would be different if it were a 2 week holiday but you know what you are getting and breakfast for kids with adults should be free.

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