Bournemouth or Harrogate

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Aiimy Mon 16-Feb-15 19:00:12

Hello everyone - This is my 1st post and was really hoping I could get some opinions or advice regarding a relocation dilemma we have.

First of all. I'm a 28 year old Filipina care worker and my husband (37) is British, where are currently living in Surrey. In a strange situation we have both been offered job opportunities, but in different locations in the country. We both decided that we would like to move away from this area but can't decide which way to go.

The areas that we are considering is between Bournemouth and Harrogate, but unfortunately I have never been to Harrogate so have no idea what it's like.

Here are a few criteria's;

- Roughly £220k to spend on a home - Apartment or small house
- Things to do - Restaurants/bars, community scene, sports clubs, meeting people etc
- Schools - reputable schools
- Surrounding areas - We feel Harrogate may be a little too remote

Last one.. we're both very social and love meeting people from all backgrounds, but as a Filipino I would like to be in an area with a Filipino community also (if possible). I'm still fairly new to the UK


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