Center parcs with toddler - elvedon or sherwood?

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profpoopsnagle Fri 13-Feb-15 22:10:09

We've just come back from Elveden, and whilst my DC are a lot older I was really impressed with the toddler area and pool at Elveden. Outdoor play was fine, only tested 1 indoor play area but it seems many other cafes etc have them.

Drag0nmummy Thu 12-Feb-15 15:48:34

Thanks, nancyjones! I have only been to Woburn to visit the spa, which was delightful, but thought the rest of it looked horrible!!

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NancyJones Thu 12-Feb-15 14:37:00

We've been to them all and Sherwood is my favourite. However, based on your criteria, I'd opt for Elveden. Neither are as spread out as longleat but Elveden is a bit more woody. Also, the toddler area of the pool at Elveden is, IMO, the best out of all 5. Don't get me started on Woburn, it's hideous.
Elveden is a close second for me. I just prefer the outdoor village square at Sherwood. Oh and woodland lodges clean at both IMO.

Drag0nmummy Thu 12-Feb-15 14:30:44

Hi all! We've been to longleat a few times and looking for a change. The thing we love best about longleat is the nature setting and the walks, so things being spread out isn't a problem for us. We have two dds (almost 1 and almost 3) and are looking for advice on whether elevdon or sherwood would be better to suited to us. Priorities are...
- lovely woodland setting with mature woodland and nice walks
- good toddler area in pool
- good toddler soft play and outdoor play areas
- clean lodges (we will be staying in a woodland lodge)

I have seen lots of complaints about the business of the sherwood changing rooms and pool generally, so any comments on this would also be appreciated!

Many thanks

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