Holiday parks near Bristol - recommendations please.

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Misty9 Mon 16-Feb-15 21:50:01


Nervo Mon 16-Feb-15 17:01:11

Misty - thanks for replying. Good to know that Cheddar Woods is good because we have actually booked there. grin

I'm now really looking forward to it.

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Misty9 Sun 15-Feb-15 19:10:30

How funny, we did the exact same thing last year smile my folks live that way. Highly recommend Cheddar woods, we went with hoseasons and stayed in very basic chalet but was lovely and the pool was great. Little playground and tiny indoor play area, as well as mini bowling and loads of outdoor activities. Ours were too young for the organised stuff though. About 45 minutes to Bristol and also plenty to see around Cheddar too. Puxton park was great fun.

Nervo Mon 09-Feb-15 21:00:24

Hi folks, looking for info on holidays parks within about an hour of Bristol. We'll be visiting family there.

Any hidden gems in that neck of the woods?

I've been looking all night and am at saturation point.

It's for a family with young kids. My folks might come too.

Many thanks.

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