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Fragrances Oil - I need your help

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BobbyEgg Mon 09-Feb-15 07:43:45

Hello everyone,

Desperate to escape the mundane 9-5 of my current job I am wanting to unleash my creative side and have started to make candles. Plan is to attend craft fairs and see where it goes from there. But...... there are so many options out there of fragrances so I thought I would do a bit of market research about which ones people like.

So I wondered if you had any particular smells that you really like?? Some I got to practice with include Sweet Pea, Mediteranean Fig, Green Tea and Lemongrass and Pumpkin Souffle!

Also I am using soy wax which leaves the candles with a lovely creamy colour. Was not planning to use any dye as I think it looks better but again - do you prefer classic cream or colour in your candles!

Any feedback would be much appreciated. :-)

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