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Struggling to find a holiday cottage on Kent coast

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MrsKoala Mon 02-Feb-15 11:28:57

It's my dad's 70th this year so we thought it would be nice to do a family holiday over the half term May week. There are 6 adults, 2 ten year olds, a 2 year old and a 6 month old to accommodate. The 2 little ones sleep in with me and DH (we all co sleep so don't even need a travel cot). Two adults and the 2 ten yo will only be there sat-tues, leaving 4 days when 2 bedrooms would be unoccupied. I have been trying to book a 'sleeps 8' with 4 bedrooms, as we really don't need a fifth bedroom. But nowhere will take us and are saying we need to book a sleeps 10 place. This would mean one bedroom would never be used at all and the cost goes up massively.

I am assuming this is for insurance purposes. But it is seriously limiting our options and adding a lot to the cost.

Can anyone recommend anywhere which may be suitable or a way around it?


mummymeister Mon 02-Feb-15 15:27:38

there isn't a way around it I am afraid. we have had this issue before with a group and it is all to do with fire risk assessments and the number being set by them and by the star ratings people. please don't be tempted to book an 8 and bring along 11 because they can turn you away for being over occupied and it isn't worth the risk. have you looked at bigholidayhouse and groupaccommodation websites. there isn't a massive difference in prices for an 8 and a 10 on there so worth investigating a bit more. the biggest issue is that you will have to pay a full week even though half the time there will only be a few of you there. due to the Gove changes to holidays in term time, all places seem to be booked up earlier and more expensive. what is your budget and I will have a look around to see what I can find from places we have been to before.

MrsKoala Mon 02-Feb-15 17:14:37

Thanks Mummy. I wouldn't risk booking for 8 and bringing the babies on top. TBH it hadn't occurred to me they would be considered extra occupants as they sleep in bed with us. We don't mind paying for the people who will only be there half the time, but i do resent having to pay for accommodation for the baby and toddler who wont use it at all.

We were budgeting £1000 and wanted to be near the beach (preferably Camber). I have found a sleeps 8 in Ramsgate who said it was fine for the extra babies, but if you know of any others i'd be really grateful for the info.


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