Glamping & Scottish Borders - Too Cold???

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Normal4Norfolk Fri 30-Jan-15 00:25:38

Is beginning of July too cold to spend a week in a 'glamping' tent (with stove) in the Scottish borders??

After the great 'Best UK Holiday' thread, I've been busily planning our summer getaway. We could really do with getting up to Northumberland and I have relatives in Rothbury.

As an alternative to a cottage, I found a country house 'retreat' place that glamping tents complete with beds and wood burner. Although, it's still just a canvas tent.

Chesters at Feather Down Farms

I was really excited, until I read somewhere that July in this area is 19 degrees celsius at best.

Am I mad - are we going to freeze?

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TarquinMoriartyGruntfuttockII Fri 30-Jan-15 20:40:48

We camped up in Glasgow for 3 weeks a few years back in August and I took extra duvets and fleece blankets for everyone. I put them in those space saver bags that you suck the air out of so they didn't take up much room (we have one of those pumps you plug into the car lighter). The kids were perfectly fine with their sleeping bags and I had their extra duvets grin

This year in July we 'glamped' in a prospectors tent on the borders with France and Belgium. The tent had a wood burning stove which we lit in the evening and then just let it burn down over night and we were plenty warm enough.

FannyFifer Fri 30-Jan-15 20:47:29

The borders in July will be fine, not any colder than England.

FannyFifer Fri 30-Jan-15 20:49:16

But then I think 19 is reasonably warm.

lavendersun Fri 30-Jan-15 20:50:46

It will be fine, especially with a stove. We are campers and are planning to go away for the whole school hols this summer, Yorkshire, Lakes & Scotland - so mid July onwards.

We don't have electric hook up (don't want it), we do have a firebox for outside in the evening but nothing inside.

Take whatever warm stuff you can - definitely socks, fleeces and a hat!

Freezingtoes Fri 30-Jan-15 21:02:30

I live in the Scottish Borders, you will be fine. It is a beautiful part of the country. If you want to know anything about the area, just ask!

SisterMerror Fri 30-Jan-15 21:12:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Normal4Norfolk Fri 30-Jan-15 21:28:54

Thanks everyone... obviously I'm being a wimp! It was the 19 degrees 'max' bit that freaked me out a bit. Does that mean 16 is more likely?!

Sister I would assume people living in Scotland more accustomed to their own weather than us southerners!

We love camping, but I am totally a fair-weather kind of camper. 23 degrees with intermittent light cloud cover is my preferred weather for camping. smile

Thanks Freezing, will PM you!!!

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SisterMerror Fri 30-Jan-15 22:19:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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