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Longleat Centre Parc - which area to book?

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Lamby80 Tue 20-Jan-15 10:25:07

I am going to book a few days in Longleat for May, and have heard that the park is sooo much bigger and hillier than Elveden, which we previously visited. We have a toddler in a pushchair, and a grandparent that wont cycle so looking for an area of the park that is not too far from everything. I have heard the pines are quite good? Any advice would be great. I think a 15 min walk to the pool, restaurants would be ideal.

cestlavielife Tue 20-Jan-15 17:25:08

close to a stop for the land train.

next to the pool if pool is your thing. you will still have a trek to the beach part (or take land train)
go for the pink area along close to the main road you can see, along the route of the land train. .along that road its flat everything else is up or down hill.
remember its hills so 15 minute walk in pine ok down hill but then your grandparent might not appreciate it pressure on her/his knees.... but its up hill all the way back...

AliMonkey Fri 30-Jan-15 23:48:17

Pines definitely your best bet (Ash tends to be "crowded" as everyone goes through it, also marginally more expensive). My preference is always the Pines area near Village Square or, if you are staying long enough to want to have a couple of days out, near the Outdoor Activity Centre as close to car park. Most of the Pines area close to the Ash area is pretty flat, but some of the further out bits can be hilly. But not as hilly as Maple or Firs. Having said that, we ended up in Fir one year due to late booking and just ended up using the land train more than usual and spending more time at the lake / sports plaza than up at the pool etc.

Longleat is great in good weather (no rain, but not baking hot) but the hills / distances can be a bit frustrating in the wrong weather. However, we have still happily been there lots of times despite knowing that and always had a good time.

Chuckaluck Fri 06-Feb-15 05:54:35

We stayed in the pines area and it's not hilly at all. It's quite an easy walk to the villiage square, pool and car park from there but a bit of a trek to the lake etc so we just used land train for that

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