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PeppermintCream Sun 18-Jan-15 15:44:03

Hi. We're thinking about booking a holiday cottage near Swansea during the summer holidays. I've identified a couple of properties. I'm interested in getting people's suggestions for things we can do, places to visit (places of interest and restaurants/cafes etc). The children will be aged 10, 8 and 5.

246plate Mon 19-Jan-15 20:49:40

You can walk from the city centre to the beach in 10 mins- theres a path all along the bay, great for bikes etc.
Places to go- ALL THE BEACHES! And rhossili, you can walk to the very end of Gower and see worm's head (beautiful) or look/walk down the cliffs to the house on the beach which was in loads of programs.
Mumbles -walk down the promenade and get ice creams/pizza/cake at Verdi's, Joe's or Castellamare. Oystermouth castle may interest the older ones.
There's a restaurant at the top of the massive tower down the marina.
The waterfront museum and the old museum are free to go in and your kids would most definitely enjoy the LC (leisure centre). Check out the market for fresh seafood/hot welshcakes.
Nice pubs on Gower to eat at: King Arthur, Greyhound, Kings Head, worms head hotel, Britannia. Eddie Rockets in town is a burger place the children may like.
You could venture further up the valley for great walks/views. Even further west there's Folly Farm and Oakwood theme park. Enjoy.

PeppermintCream Tue 20-Jan-15 19:34:34


One of the cottages is in Mumbles itself. From your information that seems to be the better place for us. I'm ridiculously excited. I'll also be indulging my Dylan Thomas obsession grin

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