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Maxxie Tue 06-Jan-15 20:55:56

I haven't been here for a while and have booked to go to Whinfell forest in 2 weeks time. It has apparently all changed now...they give you wristbands or something so you dont have to use cash anywhere? But I dont seem to be able to find much info on these wristbands besides them apparently opening the villas, lockers, and being able to be used as kinda an onsite credit deal. £300 limit to be paid the day you leave according to the centre parcs site.

This sounds good, as last time I went there I managed to lose my purse with £250 in it..only for someone to hand it in at reception empty lol. So that was a bit of an ordeal...

So how do these wristband things work. Do you just say book a meal then scan your wristband and tell villa number and it gets added to your 'tab'? Or is it taken direct from credit card right then? Just thinking because I am due to get paid ON the day we leave so if it doesn't get taken there and then its going to allow me a lot more flexibility cash wise, if that makes sense. I'm slightly worried about using this credit though because occasionally I get paid a day or so late and I dont want the stress. Its only happened twice in 5 years mind, but sods law says it would happen when I have spent the money in advance lol

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AliceMum09 Wed 07-Jan-15 23:36:07

We just got back from Whinfell Forest on Monday. The wristband is the key for your lodge and also operates the lockers in the swimming pool changing area. The payment facility is an 'added extra' sort of thing, we didn't use it. I think it's only certain food outlets that you can use it in anyway, it's mainly for the cafe in the swimming complex so that you don't have to bother taking your handbag/purse in with you. I don't think the big restaurants in the village centre accept payment by wristband (especially the ones like Bella Pasta and Cafe Rouge that are not run by Center Parcs themselves).

Like I said, we didn't use the facility, but I do remember seeing something about them taking an initial £1 to check that the card details you have given are genuine and then this is refunded when you make your first transaction. So that would suggest that you just build up a tab and will be charged at the end of your stay (so I think it works more like a credit card, as opposed to you loading the wristband with money when you arrive and using it like a debit card).

I couldn't find any useful info on the website about the wristband payment facility, but I hope some of that has helped. Have a great trip!

Bethanyfirsttimemammy Thu 08-Jan-15 08:40:53

I'm visiting Centre Parcs Whinfel forest for the first time in September. Can anyone tell me the best things to do there. I will be bringing along my son who will be nearly one at the time, my partner and my nephew who will be 11. Also how much money would be recommended to take for the full week between us all? I would like to eat tea out 3 times in the week and dinner. I'm going to book activities before we go.
Thanks in advance for any repliessmile

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