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Beverley East Riding of Yorkshire

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Groovee Sat 03-Jan-15 23:17:12

We've booked a week in Beverley. We went in 2011 and visited Flamingoland, Whitby, York, Bridlington (but were rained out) and Skirby Windmill.

We plan to visit a friend in Flamborough. And maybe the York Maize. Is there anything else we need to visit in the area?

Plan to return to Nellies with my friend who lives in Beverley. Let's hope we don't get flung out again. blush

Acciosanity Tue 06-Jan-15 21:19:28

The Deep in Hull is good. Scarborough and filey are nice reorts too.

Groovee Thu 08-Jan-15 20:54:06

Thanks, will look into those x

Roastparsnip Fri 09-Jan-15 07:59:05

Fish Trail in Hull - takes you on a tour of the old town.

Dowser Sat 10-Jan-15 13:24:48

York railway museum. York castle museum. Lightwater valley at Ripon might be a bit far. Castle Howard .

Dowser Sat 10-Jan-15 13:33:49

Oh yes, Leeds armouries is a fantastic day out . Check it's still free. It was a couple of years ago when we went.

Take a picnic. Not a lot of choice to eat around there if I remember.

Yup, it's still free and about an hour from you. I've got some amazing pics of my grandson against the elephant dressed in all it's war armour. Now that must have a been terrifying sight.

Groovee Sat 10-Jan-15 19:15:35

Thanks for the suggestions. We weren't planning on doing York again as we've been there a few times.

We keep uming and ahing over light water valley.

Travelledtheworld Sat 10-Jan-15 22:24:11

If your children are quite small there are probably a few open farms in the area you can go and visit.

QueenOfBrian Sat 10-Jan-15 22:36:56

Hull street life and east Yorkshire museum.
Yorkshire farming museum (just outside York) they have a Viking village and Roman fort there too that you can walk round and go in if you have kids. East park in Hull is good.
I really want to know how you got flung out of nellies of all placesshock

agoodbook Sat 10-Jan-15 22:39:49

You can go from Pickering on the North York Moors Railway and take the steam train to Goathland-
Burton Agnes Hall
If you like watersports - Allerthorpe Lakeland Park

CestTout Sun 11-Jan-15 00:04:44

Second The Deep- I love it!

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 11-Jan-15 00:13:53

Light water valley is ok, not as good s flamingolnd in my opinion and possibly not worth the drive from Beverley.

Another vote for The Deep from me.

There's a sweet factory in Bridlington with soft play, I haven't been but my children went with their grandparents and really enjoyed it.

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 11-Jan-15 00:15:12

That should have read " not as good as Flamingoland" my thumbs are too fat for this iPad keyboard sorry.

Groovee Sun 11-Jan-15 00:15:36

Oops should have said Ds will be 15 and Ds is 12, so soft plays are not really for them any more x

dalekanium Sun 11-Jan-15 00:16:58

That's John Bull Rock in Brid. Soft play, sweatshop, cafe. Awesome. I come back every time with a sugar/ noise induced migraine.

Flambrough is nice if you fancy a day at the beach

Groovee Sun 11-Jan-15 00:18:36

QueenofBrian, it was a bit like this, my 3 friends lived in Beverley and we arranged a night out to Cactus Jacks. Had a great night in the cage. Then we went to Nellies. But because of the licensing laws it closes much earlier than I am used to, and I refused to rush my drink thinking the staff were winding me up.blush Turns out they weren't and chucked me out.

dalekanium Sun 11-Jan-15 00:26:38

queen. I was curious too!

Cactus jacks has gone, It is a bar now. BUT there is a dominos next door.

Do you cycle ? Loads of good cycling round that way, including National Route one, trans Pennine trail and Way of the Roses and you can now hire bikes at the railway station. If you fancied doing a section of one of those.

QueenOfBrian Sun 11-Jan-15 00:30:30

grin that's funny. was it on Sunday too? So really ridiculously early. I haven't been in for donkeys years but was a favourite haunt for awhile.

dalekanium Sun 11-Jan-15 00:30:32

Light water vally not worth the travel imo. But there is a good WW2 museum at Malton - Eden camp

Some good free museums in Hull. street life, William Wilberforce and the other one next to street life that has the Hasholme boat, a 4000yr old boat that they used as a guinea pig for the preservation of the Marie Rose.

QueenOfBrian Sun 11-Jan-15 00:35:14

dale I remember the valiant solider. When ever I go back I still refer to it as that then I get the hmm look.

QueenOfBrian Sun 11-Jan-15 00:36:04

I didn't really ever go in the valiant I have to add!

Groovee Sun 11-Jan-15 16:54:21

A www no Cactus is gone... It was a Wednesday and it seemed awfully early. Dh was surprised with an early phone call for pick up lol.

Some great ideas. Will get searching cheers x

dalekanium Sun 11-Jan-15 23:58:00

I still call it Valiant Soldier too.

I am old...

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