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where to stay/eat in Harrogate

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triplets Fri 12-Dec-14 00:36:21

Hi we are taking our son up mid Jan to visit the Army College so looking for 2 nights. My husband has Parkinsons so finds hills a problem and I understand Harrogate is hilly! Where would you recommend where we have easy walking access to shops/restaurants and where would a teenager like to go! Thanks.

triplets Sat 27-Dec-14 23:50:58

Please! x

Dowser Tue 30-Dec-14 12:27:56

I wrote the travelodge.

Where did my post go. It's slap bang I middle of town. With loads of restaurants nearby.

Knaresborough is only 4 miles away maybe that would suit you better.

triplets Tue 30-Dec-14 21:32:58

Thank you Dowser but have booked the Brasserie, seemed a good deal, got a 2 bedroom apartment, full English b/fast and evening meal for £200 for three of us and live jazz for dh whose birthday it will be. I hear Knaresborough is lovely, just too far for us as the reason we are going up is to an open day at Harrogate Army College, my son is starting there in March.

Purplecircle Tue 30-Dec-14 21:41:26

Try to fit in afternoon tea at Bettys if you can smile

Awks Tue 30-Dec-14 21:51:12

Are you driving? the AFC is a few miles outside of Harrogate in a part of town that doesn't have many shops/restaurants. Anyway, your son would probably like Banyan Bar if he's a trendy and Hales if he likes a more traditional place. He'll be fine at 16 if he's with you. Have a good time, though take warm coats, Harrogate is ALWAYS freezing.

triplets Tue 30-Dec-14 23:35:42

Hi no we are coming up from Kent on the train, we will drive up in March when he joins as he will have too much to carry! Is Bettys as good an as expensive as they say?

Awks Thu 01-Jan-15 20:07:12

Hi I don't know about Betty's as it's usually only tourists that go. The cakes do look nice in the window though grin

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