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vanillabirth Wed 10-Dec-14 19:26:45

My family is moving to London in Spring 2015.
We're looking for a quiet area suitable for families with young children in West or Northwest London (Fare zones 3-5) between Heathrow airport, Harrow and London. Close to parks or green areas, low crime rates, near tube stations (preferably underground).
The plan is to send our toddler to St. Michael's Steiner School in Hanworth Park, so the area has to be 30 minutes commute time from there max.
We need a house (3-4 beds) with small garden preferably, rent up to 1300 for 3 or 1600 for 4 beds.
I am a doula so there need to be hospitals (and lots of mums to be) in the area smile
I've been researching all this time and I'm very confused.
I've read good things about Ealing and Fulham but rent is expensive there?
Hounslow seems to have low rents but I haven't read good reviews.
Can you please advise me? Suggest areas? Tell me a few details about them?
Help smile

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sacbina Wed 10-Dec-14 23:21:57

Ealing is perfect for young families, but you'd be doing well to get anywhere in 30 mins, traffic is a nightmare!

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