Bonkers Brighton - boys age almost 7 and 5

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tiredexhuastedsad Sun 07-Dec-14 09:08:50

Hi Brighton residents, my boys love Brighton. As a special pre- Christmas treat (they won't be with me Christmas Day for first time ever as it's their dad's turn and we split almost 2 years ago sad), I'm taking them to Brighton this weekend, staying overnight and I've booked tickets to the aquarium and behind the scenes... Other than that, we are free and easy. I was thinking of taking them to the arcade after an early dinner on Saturday night. They love the arcade!

Any other ideas of what to do? Where to eat that is child-friendly? Where is that macaroon shop? DS1 loves macaroons! Where to park? We are driving down from London. Is there a Christmas market anywhere? Any lights to see? We are staying at the thistle hotel... Thanks! thanksthanksthanksthanks

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