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Somewhere nice to eat near Rockcliffe, Dumfries?

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jpop Wed 03-Dec-14 20:35:53

My dad has booked a lovely house here for a week in May. We would love to get my parents some vouchers for somewhere nearby so that they can have a meal out. Trip Advisor is helpful but since we don't know the area at all I would appreciate any recommendations you lovely people might have! Please? My parents appreciate lovely food and seem to be drawn more to the fine dining experience in their later years! Any suggestions would be appreciated x

ReallyBadParty Wed 03-Dec-14 21:46:47

It is a nice part of the world, but is very short of good places to eat out. No fine dining anywhere nearby.

The Granite Kitchen in Dalbeattie is meant to be quite nice, though not sure it's open every evening.

Luigi's in Dalbeattie also meant to be ok Italian.

ReallyBadParty Wed 03-Dec-14 22:17:44

Oh, but There is Balcary Bay, about half an hour's drive away.

jpop Thu 04-Dec-14 06:18:09

Thanks! I will go and Google now smile smile

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