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UK short break this week - ideas on where to stay with baby & 2 year old...

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ruthb33 Sun 16-Nov-14 12:28:56

Hello all

Help! We were supposed to go away to portugal this week on holiday but a toddler with some evil virus meant we never went :-(

So - I'm assuming in a few days time everyone will be fit and well again, and I'd love some inspiration on where we could go for a couple of nights to salvage something from our week off...

We're starting from hertfordshire, so anything within a couple of hours' drive would be OK. Am in need of some inspiration on where to stay - my two wake each other up so it probably needs to have three bedrooms (or two bedrooms and a big enough bathroom/other space to put a travel cot). Perfect would somewhere with babysitting or else a hotel small enough to use the listener so we can have one dinner just us when the kids are asleep.

Know this might be a tall order but any ideas really welcome as I sit here being slightly morose...


cestlavielife Sun 16-Nov-14 22:27:22

Good time to get cheap deal at centre parcs Woburn

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