Center parcs December Longleat or Elveden

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ladybirdm Tue 11-Nov-14 00:29:12

Hello, just wondered which one to go to?

Live in watford so not much in it. Been to Elevden before (before the fire, not with kids)
I know Longleat is hilly but I've heard about the train.

My twins are 3 and a half...

Sorry if it's been posted before, did try and look.

Would very appreciate some thoughts.

Thanks in advance


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dylanthedragon Tue 11-Nov-14 01:18:38

I haven't been to Elveden, only whinfell and Longleat (last week). The Christmas decorations went up at the end of last week and look lovely so I think it would be nice in December. However, I thought it was very spread out compared to Whinfell and, as you said, it is very hilly. A lot of the walkways are stairs or wooden ramps. If the weather was icy or snowy it could be difficult to get around. The train is good. It loops the site every 20 mins all day so you never need to wait too long. Although it only goes in one direction so we didn't use it very much because of the location of our cabin.

Are your DC good walkers? It might be worth paying a bit extra to pick the location of your cabin. We were in The Pines so it was great for the swimming but a trek to the sports centre, children's club and Lake.

BlueEyedWonder Tue 11-Nov-14 07:04:16

I've been to Elveden several times, including spending a christmas there and, last year, new year there. I've just returned from the recently opened Woburn one.
I really like Elveden. It is flatter than Woburn and felt less spaced out. Thenew year fireworks at Elveden were great whereas Woburn had a really poor fire and light show for bonfire night. As I understand it, they've been refused permission for larger firework displays.
Out of the 2, I would choose Elveden in the future.
Agree with others, I would pay the extra to be guaranteed accommodation closer to the centre.

ladybirdm Tue 11-Nov-14 08:12:33

Thank you so much for your knowledge!

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UnMasterChef Tue 11-Nov-14 21:45:00

I've been to Elveden and Longleat, I definitely prefer Elveden. It's flatter and the facilities are closer together, we spent a long time at Longleat trekking between the pool and the sports centre. If you are at the further villa at Elveden it's not that far, whereas the furthest villas at Longleat were a long way from the pool.

ladybirdm Thu 13-Nov-14 01:11:17

Thank you ��

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Dowser Sun 30-Nov-14 14:37:30

Would you not fancy a trip to longleat safari park while you are there.

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