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my partner starts arguements for no reason.

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tammy1990 Sun 02-Nov-14 22:12:52

Hi, am feeling very much at a low point at the moment and its all because of my partner. One minute we are laughing and having general conversation and within a split second he is angry and having a go for no reason what so ever. I feel like am constantly living on egg shells and never know what mood am going to be seeing with him. He says its because I never do what he likes and never comes to any compromises, it's all what he wants. He says I need to change and adapt and for him not to have his bad temper i shouldnt do things wrong. He is dragging me down and I just have no idea what to do. I feel like my little one is starting to pick up his habits.

He has a gambling problem and has just started to see a councellor but he these terrible mood swings all really started when I was going through my second trimester and I found out that he had cheated while i was carrying his child, so I wonder if he is aruging because he wants the ball in my court so then he doesnt feel guilty for breaking us up and go and act the way he did before. I just seriously have no idea what to do or even say to him, nothing is ever good enough.

Sorry for my rambling but I feel like this is the only way to let some of it out before I reach breaking point.

Seriouslyffs Sun 02-Nov-14 22:17:45

Breaking point being leaving him would be good.
Breaking point as in you having a break down is the alternative. You sound under immense strain and that's not fair on you or your child.
Who can you talk to? If you can't confide in family, please contact Women's Aid. Can you talk to them anyway? I'm not sure you realise how crap this relationship is, but you don't have to stay. flowers

tammy1990 Sun 02-Nov-14 22:35:09

I don't have any one to talk too, very close to his sister but I can't talk to her about him. And then speaking to my mam just causes friction for everyone as she has never got over the fact he cheated when I was 7 months on and left me for a few month. I know I shouldnt have took him back then but I was pregnant and didnt want to be alone. Stupid, I know.

He said if he leaves then he wouldn't be a guarntor and then me and lo would be kicked out of our home and then we have no where to go and I really don't want that. I just shouldn't have to change for him when we have been together for so long he has never been this bad. the other week he took me out and bought me a dress, which was sweet and now just throws it in my face saying I never buy him anything and that am not treating him right, he is the bread winner and still never forks out for his child and I dont have the disposable income to waste on gifts for him especially when he treats me so bad. I wish I never accepted the dress or meal, he then wouldn't be able to throw it in my face. Always mentions how he wants gifts, but why should i? he goes to work comes home and goes straight out. I do think its the beginnig of the end and in a way am hopeful of that but he is making me so down and I would be the one left to deal with everything while he goes back to the way he was before he had a child.

Seriouslyffs Wed 05-Nov-14 07:37:29

It doesn't sound good. Did you talk to women's aid? You don't have to stay and you can get help with housing- you'll be happier without him an its better to bring your child up alone than neither an abusive bully.

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