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Center Parcs 'book return visit within 28 days' vouchers

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AliceMum09 Mon 27-Oct-14 23:23:54

Hi all,

I just wondered whether anyone had ever booked under the Center Parcs offer within 28 days of returning from a stay and could tell me what the vouchers are? Is it just a £25 'gift voucher' to spend in the village, or it is it a series of 'spend £50 save £5 at the indian restaurant' type ones that are going to actually cost us a fortune to use?

We're going for the first weekend of New Year, and I'm going to book when we get back for Feb 2016. Reason being that our half term starts on Mon 8th Feb that year yet the rest of the country has theirs starting on Mon 15th Feb. A 4-bed lodge at Elveden is £429 for Mon-Fri if you go on Mon 8th Feb, but over £1,200 for the self same lodge if you go on Mon 15th Feb! So there is a tip for anyone in Sheffield who has to stick to going away in the school holidays. It was a friend who likes to ski who told me!

PicaK Wed 19-Nov-14 22:48:40

It's a gift voucher you can spend in the restaurants or shops or parc market. (Def not the get x off if you spend y type).

AliceMum09 Wed 19-Nov-14 22:52:22


MrsSpencerReid Wed 19-Nov-14 22:55:41

I think we got two £10 and one £5, def worth it if you're going to book anyway! Each adult can use the offer so we booked two holidays after out sept trip! (One for Christmas next year so wanted to book ASAP)

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