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Snowdonia or Pembrokeshire?

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Moodykat Sat 25-Oct-14 07:54:38

Hi, am looking at booking somewhere for the Easter holidays next year. Have found some really lovely places but just cannot decide where to go! Really want to go to Wales as have never really explored it, just can't decide between these two areas! We are myself, DH and two DS (6 & 3). We like beaches, walking, bike riding (although need to hire), places to look at and generally exploring. We also like to be a bit reclusive so don't really want to be in the middle of a town. I love the look of both places and am completely stumped! Please, oh wise mnetters, help me decide?!

junemami Sat 25-Oct-14 08:04:00

Probably can't go wrong with either, but I'm biased towards Pembrokeshire! Lots for kids to do, plenty of beautiful beaches, walks, coastal path, Preseli hills. Not a cyclist so can't help you there. Lots of self catering options across the county, caravan/camping or bluestone seems v popular & central but maybe not quiet enough for you. Don't miss out folly farm (can get cheaper tickets with Tesco clubcard).

Moodykat Sun 26-Oct-14 12:05:48

Thanks! I think it's winning so far!

LostInWales Sun 26-Oct-14 12:09:55

West Wales coast is glorious (IMVHO) walking, cycling, best beaches in the world and especially northern pembs, is still fairly undiscovered. Went up to Snowdon a couple years ago and there were people everywhere much nicer here grin.

Llareggub Sun 26-Oct-14 12:12:07

I go to New Quay a lot and I am pleased to report it appears to have a micro climate. I can leave rainy old Swansea to find lovely weather in New Quay. It also has Llangrannog within spitting distance, my favourite non-Gower beach.

Moodykat Mon 27-Oct-14 11:32:48

Thanks all! Think we have decided on Pembrokeshire now, have found a couple of cottages I like the look of but wondered if anyone had any recommendations for specific places? Bluestone looks lovely but not really what we are after! Ideally something remote (ish) and as close to the beach as humanly possible!
Thanks again!

Llareggub Mon 27-Oct-14 11:40:20

Bluestone is brilliant, especially if the whether is poor. The pool and the play centre were a big hit with my children. Tenby is also worth considering and the beaches in Tenby are lovely.

A bit out of Pembs is Llangrannog. As I said in my previous post it is my favourite non Gower beach and there are some nice looking holiday cottages in the village as well as 2 pubs that sell food and an ice cream parlour. The urdd camp up the road has some activities including a dry ski slope!

It isn't far from Aberaeron which is a nice little town, very pretty with a harbour. Llangrannog isn't a bad base to explore west Wales at all. New Quay is a pretty little fishing village with boat trips etc.

St David's is the UK's smallest city and the cathedral is fantastic.

What are you looking for?

Moodykat Mon 27-Oct-14 12:53:25

Really looking for something a bit remote. In an ideal world it would be (very) close to a beach and have beautiful interiors. I think we would rather not be right in a village or town although I guess I could be persuaded! I will have a look at New Quay and St Davids and see if I can find anything around there.

iseenodust Mon 27-Oct-14 13:04:12

Take a look at Celtic Haven outside Tenby. Can walk down to the nearest beach or a slightly longer walk takes you to a beach hardly anyone goes on because it's off the beaten track. Pool a bonus with DC.

I like St Davids but if you get dodgy weather at Easter it's much further to get anywhere. It was also much busier in August than say Manorbier which we also visited. Also like Bosherton lily ponds for an amble around.

iseenodust Mon 27-Oct-14 13:08:46

Oh oh just remembered you can get an apartment in Manorbier castle. That would be fab.

Moodykat Mon 27-Oct-14 13:50:19

Thanks, Celtic Haven looks a bit built up! The house at Manorbier castle looks amazing but it's £2.5k!!

I guess I was hoping that someone was going to come on and say "well, now you come to mention it I have a remote beach front house which I have newly refurbished to include a massive bath and underfloor heating - yours for a week for only £500."

I think I am hoping for the impossible!

LostInWales Mon 27-Oct-14 14:15:13

This place is LUSH but a bit pricey.

Moylegrove, Pembs

Same area smaller properties, walkable to the beach (down a hill) from both of them though, remote area but near enough to a small town (Cardigan) for shopping, cinema etc.

Cwm Connell.

Also very nice, small complex out in the sticks a bit. Amazing views but drive a mile or two to some lovely beaches.


They all belong to people I know, so I hope it's ok to share them, no reward to me if you book them though, well apart from lovely people I know getting bookings!

Moodykat Mon 27-Oct-14 14:30:11

That first one is really lovely but I think well out of my price range! Don't really want to spend more than £1000. The Croft place looks really wonderful - have bookmarked to see if I can persuade DH he doesn't have to be right on the beach!

junemami Mon 27-Oct-14 16:46:04

Have a look at under the thatch for some lovely places

Moodykat Tue 28-Oct-14 10:23:43

Thanks all, have had a look on under the thatch but have actually managed to find what looks like a beautiful little place, about 10 minutes away from a beach and very, very reasonably priced!
Feeling very excited now!

junemami Tue 28-Oct-14 20:13:11

Ooh which beach?

Polyethyl Tue 28-Oct-14 20:30:26

Why yes. I do have a beautiful, beachside cottage, in Pembrokeshire, available to rent.

It doesn't have under floor heating though... merely central heating and a wood fire.

Moodykat Wed 29-Oct-14 09:24:51

Umm, the nearest beach is Fishguard area I think.

Polyethyl, yours is very, very lovely but booked the week we need sad.

The place I am almost certainly booking is this but if anyone steals my dates I will hunt you down!

If anyone can shed anymore light on the area I would be thrilled!

clary Wed 29-Oct-14 09:41:31

Pembs wins for me, it is lovely. Super for small kids too as the beaches are marvellous.

Op that house looks lovely. Not very near a beach tho but sounds super for the kids with walks, farm etc.

LostInWales Wed 29-Oct-14 10:07:21

That looks beautiful, it's certainly very rural as well! Fishguard is a lovely little town. I'll try and remember the name of the cafe that does amazing breakfasts for you. Back in a mo'!

Moodykat Wed 29-Oct-14 10:31:59

I agree it isn't quite as close to a beach as I had originally hoped but it does seem to be just a ten minute drive to one, which is good enough!

Lost yes please to the name of the cafe, I bloody love a good breakfast!

Moodykat Wed 29-Oct-14 12:19:22

Oh bugger bum and willies. Just studied the pictures more carefully and it is really close to the main farmhouse. As in about 15 feet. Not at all ideal.
Why is this so hard?! Back to under the thatch then I think!

junemami Thu 30-Oct-14 10:45:09

That's very near to us, lovely spot, bit if a drive to anything but will be v isolated if that's what you're after, even if the main house is v close. Not a great beach at fishguard/goodwick but some lovely ones a bit further along the coast in either direction. Newport prob the nearest that's easiest to get to. Ocean lab I fishguard is good for a short while if the weather's poor, scolton manor good for a ramble & swings/slides/climbing stuff. Clerkenhill has great outdoor activity stuff too. Hope you find something you like!

Polyethyl Thu 30-Oct-14 13:28:27

Thank you. My cottage is my pride and joy. But takes a hell of an effort to keep the garden under control.

I agree that the beach at Newport is superb. Try to find somewhere near Newport and you'll certainly have a lovely holiday.

Muddywellies10 Sun 09-Nov-14 20:33:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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