Moving from London to Preston Park (Brighton)

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KarenG Fri 31-Oct-14 12:03:11

Sorry meant to say a lot of nurseries around the area but I only have experience of Young Sussex (there is one near 7 dials) - rated outstanding.

KarenG Fri 31-Oct-14 12:00:21

I live above Preston Park station (Tivoli area). Fab family location - Preston Park, Hove Park, Dyke Rd Park all walkable, also city centre and central Hove 1/2 hour walk. Family friendly pubs. The station is a big plus for days out in London and work events for me. When the kids are older they can get about easily themselves. Used to live in Hove (14 yrs) but far prefer it here. Be careful where you buy re primary school distances and secondary catchments. Brighton & Hove school admissions web site will help you and there's a home to school distance calculator. The schools are v popular and the secondary boundary for Varndean and Dorothy Stringer is Dyke Rd. good luck!

zummer1 Wed 29-Oct-14 14:41:59

Thanks everyone for you comments. Exciting! smile

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minxthemanx Sat 25-Oct-14 09:28:19

Lucky, lucky you! I'm Brighton born and bred, have.lived in Essex for 16 years and really miss Brighton. Preston park is a great area, playground, tennis courts, lovely caf�. Lots of dogs, of course, and obviously Brighton does have a, seedy side like any city. Very good primary schools round that area and v good secondary schools, varndean was always the top school in my day, followed by Dorothy stringer. You have def chosen a nice area of town to settle in. Easy transport to town centre (or, walk) and Hove, Marina etc in easy reach. Great art house cinema near you. So, much with kids in Brighton, and sea air, the downs and parks for greenery. Good decision!!!

pilates Mon 20-Oct-14 21:23:29

Preston Park is lovely, I'm very envious. I too had to move out of the area. Good luck, you'll love it.

PregnantAndEngaged Mon 20-Oct-14 10:27:44

I live in Hove, not Preston Park but Preston Park is very very close to Brighton/Hove (like 3 minutes away on the train). I know people who live there who love it. But Brighton/Hove/surrounding areas are very nice places to live.

I've unexpectedly become pregnant, and due to our circumstances we're having to move out of the area which I'm really upset about actually sad

I love Brighton, it is very quirky, has the appeal of a city but even better because it has a beach. It also has lots of parks too which will be nice in the warm weather.

zummer1 Mon 20-Oct-14 08:42:29


Anyone living in Preston Park (Brighton)? Do you recommend it for families? What is the education like? What do you do on week-ends?

After a lot of deliberation, we have finally decided to move from London to Brighton (Preston Park). My husband and I both work in central London, and have a 2 year old daughter who currently has a nanny. The plan is to enjoy more space, the seaside, and the country side, whilst still enjoying the perks of a city (Brighton). We are going to visit nurseries this week in Preston Park and try the commute by train. Also hoping to have an au pair.

Any advice from locals on what they like, do not like. Good nurseries, schools, the area much appreciated!! Have any of you had au pairs before? did you enjoy the experience?

Thanks smile

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