Big house for 16 new year

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emptychangingbag Fri 10-Oct-14 09:40:10

Hi there,
Anyone got any recommendations for a large house, or somewhere that will sleep 16 for New Year? We are four families, so need 8 bedrooms. Not too worried where but somewhere between London and Bristol, central or south if possible. Any suggestions welcome!

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mummymeister Mon 13-Oct-14 10:42:16

have a look at and websites. you may have left it too late now though with around 12 weeks to go. the bigger places get booked up a long way in advance.

emptychangingbag Mon 13-Oct-14 10:53:19

Thanks - will have a look, and yes I know we're leaving it late. Sadly this is early for us - last year we booked mid December!

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mummymeister Mon 13-Oct-14 19:04:59

but that was before the Gove rule changes emptychangingbag. now you can only take kids on holiday in school holidays places are booking much earlier. good luck, sure you will find something.

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