I need a lovely hotel in London up to £150 a night

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Ninjabread Sat 30-Aug-14 21:05:22

Please give me your tips fora lovely place to stay in london in September up to £150 a night, near a tube station- going to a concert at royal festival hall

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exexpat Sat 30-Aug-14 21:12:17

£150 doesn't usually get you anything very lovely in central London, unfortunately. Even a Premier Inn costs about that much unless you book way in advance. Maybe try top secret hotels for a last-minute bargain?

exexpat Sat 30-Aug-14 21:16:13

Fwiw, I stayed at the Citizen M on Bankside (a pleasant stroll along the river to the Royal Festival Hall) a while back, and it was pretty good (funky, modern, very comfortable), but I think their standard room rates are in the £150-£200 range.

VeryLittleGravitasIndeed Sat 30-Aug-14 21:58:54

I'd go airbnb for that budget, or homeaway. I think a hotel will be challenging at that price.

VeryLittleGravitasIndeed Sat 30-Aug-14 22:01:21

Like this.

fairgame Sat 30-Aug-14 22:06:18

I just booked a premier inn im London and that was £150 per night. You don't get much for your money in London op. You might get more if your willing to stay a bit further out of central London.

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