Tips for a UK visit visa application

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ADishBestEatenCold Mon 21-Jul-14 01:22:24

What country is she a citizen of (passport issued from) and what country is she travelling from (if different from citizen of)?
Also are the conference organisers from her country or from UK, are they a company or private individuals, and (if you can say) what sort of conference ... is it to do with her work, etc?

My advice might differ depending on these.

JustWantToAskAQuestion Wed 16-Jul-14 12:22:57

I also meant to ask, does anyone with any experience on this have an idea if her visa will be issued, given that she has never left her country before, doesn't have a bank account and is paid a very low wage?

It doesn't sound very likely to me unfortunately, although I don't know too much about the application process and how things are viewed. sad

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JustWantToAskAQuestion Wed 16-Jul-14 12:19:42

Hi, I'm currently helping a lady complete a UK visit visa application, she's going to the UK as part of a conference but is going from a country where nationals generally earn a very low wage.

I'm just concerned that she may be considered a 'flight risk' and would like to help her out as much as possible. She didn't even have a passport until recently.

Does anyone have any tips on how her application should be completed, particularly as she doesn't have a bank account to show her wages (would submitting wage slips help?). Anything she can submit that would make her seem less of a risk and more likely to return to her home country when the conference is finished etc?

Any tips gratefully received. She's a lovely lady and would love a trip to the UK so I'd like to help her. smile

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