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ayshigirl Sat 28-Jun-14 23:56:57

We are considering staying in either an apartment or a holiday park. We know we've left it very late. We have two children aged 10 and 5 and will not be driving so it needs to be somewhere easily accessible, ideally on the coast and near some places of interest. We were thinking of Devon, Cornwall or South/West Wales. Any ideas appreciated?

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FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 29-Jun-14 00:02:41


lurkerspeaks Sun 29-Jun-14 08:48:10

St Ives?

I've done Fowey with no car too - if s/catering a grocery delivery would help there.

You can get to Heligan from Fowey by a ferry/bus combo which is very cool.

LIZS Sun 29-Jun-14 08:49:21

Isle of Wight ?

ayshigirl Sun 29-Jun-14 19:06:19

thanks folks! More suggestions welcome please as we have already been to St Ives and Isle of Wight but would consider going back there if nothing else turns up!

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42notTrendy Sun 29-Jun-14 19:10:47

Norfolk? I know you can get a train from Norwich to Sheringham and maybe other places along that coast. Beaches lovely and coastal towns have plenty to do.

Onlyconnect Sun 29-Jun-14 19:13:01

I was going o say Weymouth too. There's a train to the town and buses out if you want day trips. Lovely beach and lots to do.

StairsInTheNight Sun 29-Jun-14 19:13:48

Broadstairs. Or Swanage (train to Wareham, bus into swanage).

Rent a cottage?

Ratbagcatbag Sun 29-Jun-14 19:17:05

Tenby, kiln park haven site.
Straight onto beach, free park and ride up into the town from the back of the site.
Not sure how you'd get to Tenby with no car though. (As in I haven't looked into it)
But once were there we never shift the car all week.
Book privately through owners direct if you decide to go.

FishWithABicycle Sun 29-Jun-14 19:21:17

weston-super-mare? There's a train station to very close to the seafront, and if you can get an apartment that's reasonably central you could have a great beach holiday - all traditional beach requisites present and correct, you could have a lovely time. No idea how likely it is that you might find something central at short notice though.

YeGodsAndLittleFishes Sun 29-Jun-14 19:22:02

I've done Mousehole with DH by train (stayed in b&b short notice. Busses are good to get around to other places.

Also st david's with children.
There is a caravan park right on the beach at Borth, near Aberystwyth and Aber itself is wonderful and has a beach. Go (north) up the coast a bit if you like it more remote.

Westward ho! (Devon) has fabby apartments and massibe beach. South Devon...there's some lovely coast, just pick a good apartment and you can't go far wrong.

ayshigirl Mon 30-Jun-14 21:41:27

Fabulous, Tenby has been recommended to us and I'm going to look into Weston s Mare and the others. Many thanks folks!

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AuntieStella Mon 30-Jun-14 21:45:13

Ferry over to the Channel Islands?

seb1 Mon 30-Jun-14 23:17:18

Hobourne Naish

rubyflipper Mon 30-Jun-14 23:20:18

I was going to say Swanage

Selks Mon 30-Jun-14 23:36:49


InSummer Mon 30-Jun-14 23:42:02

I second Sheringham or Hunstanton in Nofolk. Can walk everywhere in both but Hunstanton hasn't a train station so have to get coast hopper bus from Kings Lynn (not too bad)

VivaLeBeaver Mon 30-Jun-14 23:50:45

You can get a train to Tenby. I met a family camping in Tenby once who'd come on the train from London with small kids, tent, all their stuff!

chocaholic73 Tue 01-Jul-14 21:00:12

Definitely not Hunstanton - I went there on my own last year for a few days by train and the coasthopper - the journey was great. I went to Sandringham by bus .. also fine but Hunstanton itself is dead - nowhere is open at night apart from take away fish and chips and a very posh place - I ended up buying sandwiches from Sainsburys and eating them back in the B and B. I have just got back from Weymouth, again on my own, and this worked much better.... much nicer, more to walk around ... the harbour, along the esplanade etc

BlueChampagne Thu 03-Jul-14 15:46:49

Isles of Scilly. Beautiful beaches, tiny islands so more need for boat than car. A Famous Five sort of holiday - only downside is that it's on the pricey side.

Selks Thu 03-Jul-14 23:36:43

Isles of Scilly is a great suggestion. Stunning, wonderful islands, easily enjoyable without a car.

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