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Fun and 'different' things to do in central London in the summer please

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Any ideas for things that would suit two teenage girls, that we won't have done before? Restaurants? Shows? Museums? Activities? Nothing sporty! Obviously we'll go to the South Bank etc, and I'd like to go to Wahacca, but would love off the beaten track ideas too.

Thanks in advance. smile

DiddyFace Sun 22-Jun-14 17:12:35

No ideas myself but bumping for replies.

VeryDullNameChange Sun 22-Jun-14 17:13:43

Check out the various art activities at the V&A - some of them are very cool. Look at what's on at More London and Kings Cross. Open air cinema screenings are good for warm evenings. And I'm going to be taking DD to singalonga Frozen at the Prince Charles.

VeryDullNameChange Sun 22-Jun-14 17:15:33

Oh and look at what the British Museum, the British Library and Welcome Foundation are doing as well.

I can't seem to find out what's on at the Prince Charles so far in advance - am I missing something?

Oh I love the Welcome too!

What is More London and Kings Cross, please?

Thank you all btw. thanks

hifi Sun 22-Jun-14 18:36:20

Camden market, then walk up to Primrose hill to see the views from the top of the hill.
the pools outside the V and A are good for a little paddle in.
Kings x is amazing, loads of fouintains you can run through outside Central st Martins college, you can also have a look inside the college. Then walk to St Pancras station is beautiful.
The huge top shop at oxford circus, the huge Primark at Tottenham court rd.
Head off to see all the hipsters in Shoreditch, then have a mooch around Spittlefields market.
A walk through Soho in the evening, you will see some sights, then pop down to china town.

FreeButtonBee Sun 22-Jun-14 18:40:49

Somerset house has open air cinema I think

Regent park outdoor theatre is good fun and has fairly hammy stuff which should appeal across the board

What about boating lake in regents park or Hyde park?

There is a really good chain of Brazilian restaurants which do big skewers of meat but you lots are veggie aren't you?

Brixton market is quite fun and some hippy shops plus excellent food these days. Great for behaving a bite here and there and moving on.

FreeButtonBee Sun 22-Jun-14 18:42:18

Oh also notting hill on a Saturday is crazy but fun. Lots of stalls selling vintage clothes and tat plus food stalls and antique shops too.

Brilliant. Thank you.

DD2 detests shopping, sadly. sad

Love the idea of looking at Central St Martins.

We'll be there mid-week, and staying near Euston, so KC = ideal.

Meat-fest no good to us! grin

Needmoresleep Sun 22-Jun-14 18:52:24

This independent website is good for listings for things at the South Bank, Bankside, Borough Market etc.

A favourite Sunday trip is to Colombia Road Flower Market then a walk down Brick Lane. Bagels for breakfast, curry for lunch. Turn left when you get to the mosque and you get to Spitalfields. It works extremely well with exchange students, as the vibrancy is very London.

Do the South Bank on a Thurs/Fri/Saturday and walk till you get to Borough Market and eat lunch? Or the reverse.

If you have teenagers, book at talk at the Old Operating Theatre.

The Imperial War Museum is always a good one, and not far from the South Bank. It should be reopening on 19 July.

Brockwell Lido and book a table at the lido cafe for lunch.

Get a copy of "Secret London - an Unusual Guide". Some very good and off-beat ideas.

Thank you. Love The Old Operating Theatre.

I don't like Borough Market much - too crowded, but do want to go to Spitalfields.

We're not there at a weekend.

DreamGirly Sun 22-Jun-14 19:21:56

Kids week in theatre land throughout the whole of August - under 16's free with an adult plus extra kids half price. Lots of shows available on the kids week website now!

Thanks, Dream. Unfortunately, they both count as adults now. smile

DreamGirly Sun 22-Jun-14 19:25:52

How very dare they grow up!! grin


AuntieStella Sun 22-Jun-14 19:44:09

If you're up near the Britush Library and the Wellcome Collection, you could easily drop in to the various UCL museums The Petrie Egyptological Collection is fascinating if you like ancient history.

Spherical Sun 22-Jun-14 20:01:18

If you have the time and fancy something different food wise, get on the jubilee line from Baker Street to kingsbury and try this vegetarian place:

If you go, I would recommend the Mogo chips, chili paneer and crispy bhindi to try - portions are massive.

If you are near Leicester square then it's worth trying woodlands South Indian restaurant - it's also vegetarian - try the paper masala dosa and some idlis there.

BreeVDKamp Sun 22-Jun-14 20:03:28

Silent disco up the shard, not sure if there's an age limit though!

Spherical Sun 22-Jun-14 20:04:06

Have been to Woodlands. Rose's looks amazing! Tbh though, we eat curry so much that it would probably be good for us to do something different (though I bloomin' love the stuff!).

Spherical Sun 22-Jun-14 20:23:33

You can eat at rose and be completely full up without eating curry!

Have a fabulous time whatever you do!

It sounds lovely. Thanks again. smile

Any more, folks?

cestlavielife Mon 23-Jun-14 13:05:54


eversomuch Mon 23-Jun-14 19:38:28

Guessing from your username that you're an HP fan. If they are too, you could look into HP walking tours, which visit a number of sites from the books & films. (Haven't done this myself but really should one day).

Vegetarian restaurants I love: Mildreds in Soho; Vanilla Black and Orchard Kitchen, both in Holburn; El Parador in Camden (not veggie but has an amazing selection of vegetarian tapas).

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