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Help - need some where to stay on the way back from Cornwall

(4 Posts)
Awakeagain Sat 21-Jun-14 16:36:45

Where can we stop for 1 night between Cornwall and leeds
Looking at Gloucester/Stratford area probs not north if Birmingham but no idea where to pick
Needs to be toddler friendly please grin

hulahoopsilove Sun 22-Jun-14 09:36:57

what about a premier inn if - cheap, very clean and weve always found ok with our little one, or we have stayed in Tewkesbury Gloucestershire at Puckrup Hall very nice

Awakeagain Sun 22-Jun-14 15:37:13

Thanks ill have a look

twentyten Sun 22-Jun-14 15:39:17

V nice premier inn in Stratford

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