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6 month old holiday destinations

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springbaby2014 Thu 19-Jun-14 12:05:55

Hi, I'm looking to take my baby abroad in September, he'll be 6 months by then. I'd like opinions on places to go/resorts. We want to go self catering and ideally not have to hire a car. Considering Mallorca, Pollenca. Or maybe Croatia or Malta. He'll be on solids by then so any advice on what to take would be appreciated! Thank you

Hippopotamousse Thu 26-Jun-14 15:49:12

Hi, we took our boy to Torremolinos in the Costa del Sol when he was about 8 months (not on your list of places but Torremolinos was a surprisingly good choice - we just booked flight to Malaga and made a random hotel booking without much research - it wasn't peak season when we went so nice and quiet and quite easy to get about without a car).

Our boy was mainly eating purees at the time and not so great on finger foods so I took a couple of food pouches for each day (one meal and one small fruit pouch per day). The weather was quite hot so he didn't really seem to want that much food. Also took over a box of baby porridge that only needed hot water added rather than formula so we could make that up for him at the hotel breakfast. We used to grab him a few bits of finger food from the breakfast buffet - pieces of fruit & toast etc which he quite liked (and kept him quiet while we had our food!). We were also bottle feeding so took sterilising tablets and a 5 litre sandwich container to do the sterilising in. Hope this helps!

Minnieisthedevilmouse Thu 26-Jun-14 17:05:00

Puerto pollensa is marvellous. Massive sandy beach. Shallow water stretching for ages so good for toddlers. Great mix of restaurants/nightlife. It's full of locals and holiday makers. Really recommend. Marvellous place for families.

Make sure you walk the pine walk for a lovely after dinner stroll under the stars by the water. We've been recently (again!) with Thomson. Two under five.

I've been going since a kid myself. Love it.

Minnieisthedevilmouse Thu 26-Jun-14 17:10:24

I've been to Malta. It's different. Try st Julian's. (Think it was called) didn't hate, glad seen, just probs not rebook. Dunno what other passengers might make of a kid. We went pre kids. We were youngest on flight by MILES. Dh kept joking we would be the only ones to find our car on the return (being only ones without senility!)

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