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Help me hit the high spots in Nuneaton! ...... Coventry! (And surrounds)

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theladylovescupcakes Mon 16-Jun-14 21:48:24

We're visiting for a week next month, visiting family. Anything interesting we could do with our DS (12)? We've done Cadbury World and probably doing Drayton Manor, but is there anything else? Can easily travel a bit further afield. Thanks in advance.

SunflowerStalks Sun 22-Jun-14 16:57:26

The car museum in the middle of coventtry is good.

busymumwith2kids Sun 22-Jun-14 21:55:31

Draycote water

naturalbaby Sun 22-Jun-14 22:00:17

Think Tank, Kenilworth or Warwick Castle.

BodyUnknown Sun 22-Jun-14 22:09:19

Think Tank is great for a day out. The Black Country Living Museum is easy to reach from Coventry and well worth a visit. The Butterfly Farm in Stratford upon Avon is fantastic and Stratford is a lovely, picturesque place to mill about, plenty of historical places of interest if that's your thing and the Swan Theatre is excellent. Draycote Water is really nice, but I'd go for Ryton Pools over Draycote, and Ryton is only a stone's throw from Coventry. Have fun smile

senua Sun 22-Jun-14 22:15:14

This question comes up surprisingly regularly! If you do a search you will find previous suggestions.

Transport Museum & Lunt Roman Fort in Coventry. Warwick & Kenilworth castles. Stratford. Various National Trust.

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