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Is Catford up and Coming? Will it ever be?

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Fluffy14 Sat 14-Jun-14 17:24:42

Hi Guys,

I've just had an offer accepted on a £400k 3 bed terraced 1930's property on Bellingham Road, Catford.
One local described it as the nice part of Catford :-) It is a mere 10 seconds walk from Forster Memorial Park and 8 mins walk to Bellingham Station.
After 4 months of making offers, being gazumped and outbid by cash buyers and investors; I was pleased to have this/any offer accepted.

I was hoping that someone could provide me with some advice as to whether Catford can be considered as up and coming? Are there any plans to develop the shopping centre? I hear the reason Catford is taking so long to come up is that much of the land has various owners thus gaining permission is an issue. I guess the fact that I'm paying £400k for a Catford property is indication enough.

Any feedback on the area in general or specifically Bellingham Road would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks x

Plumpciousness Mon 16-Jun-14 13:42:10

Is it part of the Corbett Estate? Or nearby anyway. That's been discussed a few times on the Property/DIY thread so you could search that for people's opinions.

Fluffy14 Mon 16-Jun-14 14:00:11

Thanks Plumpciousness,

It's close to the Corbett Estate but not part of it and 3 streets from the Culverly Green Conservation Area...but not part of that either lol. I'll have a look through the Property/DIY thread as suggested.
I appreciated the heads up.


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