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At a loss - what uk holiday to book? Motorhome?

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unlucky83 Fri 13-Jun-14 21:50:06

Sorry huge panicking post...
As usual left to last minute (and to me - thanks DP!) - in Scotland (nearish Edinburgh) so holidays start 28th June - and cheaper for us to go in the first 2 weeks (before English hols).
Uk cos DCs & DP need passport renewals - don't think that is going to happen (and I cba). Me, DP and DD1 (13) and DD2 (7)
Like the idea of a caravan holiday -but not towing a caravan - have hired a statics before and it was ok -
Once just North of Aberdeen, lovely site, playpark on site so lots of DCs around - nice beach - but freezing sea...(even though the weather was glorious)
Second time - Anglesey - lovely site but no DCs around - meant had to do a lot of DC entertaining...
Don't fancy one of these massive sites with onsite entertainment etc
Maybe camping - but I don't have any of the stuff needed - and not sure I wouldn't murder DP if we had to put up and live in a tent...especially if raining - DP needs more entertaining than DCs!
Thought maybe a motorhome (I know downsides having to drive round in massive thing - although we could always take bikes and maybe a car as well) had a quick look - £800 pw!!! - and you need fuel and site fees on top - eek - more than I was looking to spend!
(And I know nothing about choosing sites etc - electric hook ups etc)
So looked at second hand ... maybe we could buy one for a few grand - maybe even a more expensive one (£12k ish) - and if we hate it flog it on next year - and not lose much more than the £800 needed to hire one?
Area wise - if we went for a Motorhome - round Scotland I think -
A static - Scotland - or maybe somewhere on the East Coast - Northumberland/ York ????

Help - any advice????

CampingClaire Mon 16-Jun-14 11:47:38

Big Sands at Gairloch rent out static caravans. We spend a lot of our summer there in a tent - have been known to pitch up for 3 weeks + at a time. There are always kids there floating around as soon as the holidays begin (I'm Scottish too) and a play area for them becomes the meeting ground. They've opened up a restaurant so facilities constantly improving.
We hate sites with 'entertainment' but have loved going here with our kids since they were tiny and you see the same families year after year...normally pitched in the same spots too so it's easy for the kids to find one another again!!
The town(if you can call it that) has a lovely coffee and book shop and there are new restaurants too. Loads of nice beaches around and the weather is normally a lot better than they say it's going to be! Only had to abandon camp once in all these years...but we do have a strong tent and an even stronger resolve to stick it out!!

unlucky83 Mon 16-Jun-14 16:28:06

Thanks - just checked and the statics at Sands (and wigwams) are fully booked for the whole holiday sad...

Now discounted Yorkshire as apparently it is Tour de france around the time I'm planning on going ( lovely but a lot of road disruption etc) ...might look at Wales again ...
Still feeling stressy -and just found out DP hasn't actually booked time off work - putting in a request now...ahhhh

soaccidentprone Mon 16-Jun-14 16:47:52

We're going to Berwick Upon Tweed in July. Visit Alnwick castle and gardens, Lindisfarne, Edinburgh for a day trip etc. really looking forward to it. We haven't told ds2 (12) yet as I don't think their is Wifi where we are stayingshock

soaccidentprone Mon 16-Jun-14 16:48:56

Le Tour is in Yorkshire 5th & 6th July. Leeds to Harrogate, then to Sheffield.

CampingClaire Tue 17-Jun-14 09:44:47

We normally follow part of the tour in France (not doing it this year for many random reasons) and it's nuts when it's going through an area. Roads are shut around 5/6 hours before they come through and it's just buzzing. We love it but then, that's partly why we are in that area!!

BlueChampagne Fri 27-Jun-14 22:45:07

Narrow boat?

DoItTooJulia Fri 27-Jun-14 22:50:59

You could plan a route and book a series of pubs with family rooms, b and bs and do a road trip! That way you have all the comforts of home packed into the car but a decent place to sleep?

unlucky83 Sat 28-Jun-14 00:12:02

Dp has been refused holiday for the whole of the school hols shock put his request in too late...
Now planning on going somewhere warm in October -leaving it a week or so and then will put in passport renewals...
Will take Dcs to visit grandparents but feeling like its going to be a very very long school holidays (and I've worked out it is 7 weeks!)

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