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Preparation for Bluestone?

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lisbapalea Mon 02-Jun-14 20:30:11

Hi there,

We're off to Bluestone in a month's time, to stay in a Ramsey lodge with DDs 4 and 6mths. I keep getting emails from them encouraging us to prebook stuff, but before I do, I wanted to check what mumsnetters who have been to Bluestone before would recommend?

Given that we have a baby, is a golf buggy thing un-necessary (I assume it won't take a carseat??). I gather we can drive throughout the park anyway, or have I got that wrong?

I was thinking of hiring bikes for us and DD1, with a trailer attachment, or seat attachment for DD2. Is it too hilly for a 4yr old?

Also, is it frowned upon to NOT buy your food from the Bluestone supermarket?! I thought we would pop to a supermarket on our way there and pick up the essentials for the trip and maybe use the Bluestone shop for topping up.

Any other suggestions or recommendations, either for pre-booking for the park itself, or for stuff we should check out in Pembrokeshire while we're there!


EssexYumMum Thu 23-Apr-15 20:56:53

As this thread isn't too old I thought I'd tag on my questions in the hope that once again MNers would impart your knowledge and advice.
We're going to Bluestone in August - first visit.

Are the sporting/active activities on site? Apparently the horse riding isn't.
Also which is the nearest beach, and nearest horse riding centre?
Are these in the direction towards London or opposite? If towards London and it's more than a few miles then we can do the beach on the last day after checking out.

When you hire out the golf buggy for the week, do you have to return each evening and pick up again each morning and if so, how far? If not, where by the cottage is it parked? Is it secure?

If we take our own bikes is there anywhere indoors we can secure them? when we stayed at Crieff Hydro, there was spacious indoor storage do we didn't have to bother with bike locks.


moocowmrs Sat 05-Jul-14 19:14:27

Just to finish the tale from me also I am very impressed our house is fabulous, everything we could need, pool good children's activities great, take away delivery hot and yummy not haute cuisine but fine after a long day playing !

lisbapalea Fri 04-Jul-14 20:45:53

Well we're here and DD2 is sleeping in DD1's ensuite bathroom - result!

Really impressed so far with the finish of our place, but have yet to explore properly.

Thanks to those who gave me the thumbs up for using a bathroom as a bedroom - am feeling very creative!

lisbapalea Wed 02-Jul-14 08:14:39

Hope you have a great time moocowmrs - I still feel a bit lost in packing!
I feel like I am bringing far too much but trying to pack "light" for rain and sun, for 4 people including a baby and with no washing machine for a week, is proving a bit of a challenge!

moocowmrs Wed 02-Jul-14 07:54:12

Ah read it now, oh it will be fine, she sounded very pompous indeed ! Many people I have spoken to that have visited whose opinion I trust have only fab things to say.
We are having two nights in Bristol onway so leaving after school today !!

lisbapalea Wed 02-Jul-14 07:27:23

Thank you, and thank you for the reassurance! Actually on reading that blog I decided that its author was a bit of a pompous moaner so I am ignoring its negativity!

I am too excited for the holiday to be talked down, and I'm very glad that I have the thumbs up on my extra bedroom idea, or that there could be another alternative!

NormHonal Wed 02-Jul-14 07:23:06

OP I wouldn't worry about what that blog says. We have stayed in a Ramsay this year and it had been very recently repainted and was spotless. It was lovely. My only very small quibbles were a) as PP has said, not enough room on towel rails with swimming kit as well - same applies at Center Parcs and b) a few trailing blind cords, but I simply tied them up out of the way.

We didn't spend much time on-site apart from evenings. There are some fabulous local beaches to explore.

The golf cart is heaps of fun but not sure how easy it would be with a baby.

I think your idea of using wet room as a bedroom is feasible but there might even be room to put the cot in the hallway between the bedrooms if you take a piece of card and some blu-tack to blackout the small window in the door.

Have a wonderful time!

moocowmrs Wed 02-Jul-14 07:13:43

Oh didn't follow the link, but still can't think why it's a bad idea. Might be me though x

lisbapalea Wed 02-Jul-14 07:09:50

Urgh - just actually read that site that I linked to - had only found it by looking for photos of the bathroom and didn't scroll down past the first couple of pics!

Wish I hadn't found and read it now!!!

moocowmrs Wed 02-Jul-14 07:09:06

I think this is fine, a good idea, we are arriving at bluestones on fri ! Can't wait x

lisbapalea Wed 02-Jul-14 07:02:59

I am seriously considering using one of the bathrooms in our Ramsey Lodge at Bluestone as a 3rd bedroom so that DD2 has somewhere to sleep by herself (6mths - in a travel cot) - would that make me a terrible person?

She's just quite noisy at night so I think she'll wake DD1 if they share, plus DD1 wakes earlier than DD2 so she will wake the baby once she's up and chatting in the morning.

And Dh and I would really like a week of half decent sleep, and maybe some privacy! We've had DD2 back in with us for the last week as her room is infected with bird mites (a whole other thread!), and I had totally forgotten how disruptive it is having a baby in the room!

Am I bonkers to even consider this - I found this site with extra pictures of the bathrooms - the shower room looks like it could easily fit a travel cot in it!!

bathroom as bedroom

PeachTrees Thu 05-Jun-14 22:20:53

I'm fairly familiar with Bluestone (local-ish) . IME , if your child is a good walker, I'd avoid the golf buggy. I don't find the hills particularly bad.

yes definitely bring your own shopping. the shop is well stocked though and you can order takeaway to be delivered to your lodge. I had booked a table for dinner in the main restaurant and it was quiet at 5 but was getting busier after 630ish.

I would be happy to answer any more questions. smile

I would highly recommend folly farm and a walk around the bosherston Lillyponds ( only if 6 month old has a baby carrier/sling).

moocowmrs Thu 05-Jun-14 21:54:28

Umm those waffles look very yummy indeed, hoping the weather is on our side and we can make the most of the gorgeous beaches really.

I have now succumbed to the constant emailing and booked a couple of things for the dc on one day mid week, we are going for seven nights. And the dinner show thing.

Wolfiefan Thu 05-Jun-14 21:44:22

Very easy to pop out. Nearest supermarket quite a way though. (We took supplies, ate out and ordered takeaway too!) It is very hilly. We always have a buggy.
Look at when check in is. (You don't want to arrive too early and with no food!!)
Lego room and indoor play good fun. Kids loved pool.
We stayed in an upside down lodge (Ramsey?) Stairgates top and bottom.

Takver Thu 05-Jun-14 21:38:57

Oops, sorry, failed link, should be Dinosaur Park

Takver Thu 05-Jun-14 21:38:35

Personally I'd skip the welsh cakes and bara brith, and go straight for the Tregroes toffee waffles - less traditional, but much nicer!

I'd also avoid Oakwood (the theme park) like the plague. The [[ Dinosaur Park is good for smaller dc though.

TwelveLeggedWalk Thu 05-Jun-14 09:31:24

No it's easy to pop out.
Lovely national trust beaches, dozens of castles, definitely recommend Folly Farm - go early in the week and you can get a cheap return ticket if you fancy going back, there's loads to do there.
For older ones there's a theme park with a wooden roller coaster hmm right next door.

moocowmrs Wed 04-Jun-14 21:03:25

Thanks all, is it easy to leave or is it like cp where they hate you trying to escape !

Any other attractions we should see do you think.

lisbapalea Tue 03-Jun-14 20:38:59

Blimey - thank you all so much for these tips!! DH, who is usually a bit cynical about my use of (dependence on?!) Mumsnet, is amazed by how much extra info we now have - he has been converted!

We will not bother with the golf buggy - we're trying to be frugal and as DD1 is a pretty good walker I think we should be OK. And I think we'll make a call on the bikes once we're there, depending on where our place is.

Glad to hear you're having a great time cottonheaded - I can't wait for our holiday now!

TwelveLeggedWalk Tue 03-Jun-14 20:26:25

OMG the Welsh cakes. And that cakey thing - Barrabrack or something...

erin99 Tue 03-Jun-14 20:14:08

Offsite the beaches - barafundle is our favourite. We liked the day trip to Caldey Island too. Take torches. We didn't bother with bikes as it's so hilly and a small site, but we were in a v central location.

Fine to take your own food but don't forget to buy -- and scoff-- lots of welshcakes while you're there!

Takver Tue 03-Jun-14 16:46:29

Never been to Bluestone as I live in Pembs, but I'd definitely take your 4 y/o to Folly Farm if you're doing days out.

moocowmrs Tue 03-Jun-14 16:06:29

Thank you for your top tips, looking forward to it and exploring the area x

GooseyLoosey Tue 03-Jun-14 15:12:47

No cars on site after the first day.

There is a bus that drives around but it's not that frequent.

Depending on where you are, there can be quite a steep hill between the car-park and you.

Swimming pool great. Other activites OK but my dcs are older so might be more exciting for littlies.

TwelveLeggedWalk Tue 03-Jun-14 15:09:52

Oh, and our lodge had stair gates but they were a bit rickety and DTs (2.5yo) figured out how to open them in about 10 seconds...

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