Wet weather days out near Pickering

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VivaLeBeaver Fri 23-May-14 10:35:47

Off to Pickering for half term and weather doesn't look great. I'd made a list of stuff to do, places to go most of which are outdoors. Any ideas for really bad weather days please?

Dd is 13yo so not that interested in farms and definitely not interested in soft play. Actually if its really bad weather and a really good farm then its an option I guess.

We're planning on going to Whitby on the train one day.

We're also slightly hampered by a dog. Though at least if the weather is bad we could leave him in the car for 2-3 hours as he's happy sleeping in it. But we couldn't leave him all day so places like Flamingo land are out. We've already been to Eden Camp and don't really want to go back.

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eatyourveg Sat 24-May-14 20:57:35

when we stayed in pickering we drove to malton and took a train to York - you could do the Yorvik centre of the big dig - both indoor things and both great

we did the steam train on a wet day but couldn't see anything out of the windows as they'd misted up grin

OnceAYorkLass Sat 24-May-14 21:11:27

Sea Life Centre at Scarborough

Pickering Castle? .... well not sure if it's got any insidey bits so might not be suitable when it's raining.

Helmsley - nice shops to wander around and cafes for lunch. Have a stroll round Duncombe Park or the Castle or the Walled garden if it's not raining.

Ryedale Folk Museum at Hutton Le Hole - not ideal on rainy days but has lots of insidey bits so reasonably doable.

Lidl grin grin Pickering is still in a heightened state of excitement since its opening a few months ago!!!

VivaLeBeaver Sat 24-May-14 21:22:03

Ha ha at Lidl. My SIL works in Pickering and told me about it!

The sea life centre is a good idea as that should be mainly inside and the others sound doable for showery days. Thanks for the ideas.

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cherryhealey Mon 26-May-14 20:05:50

Dalby Forrest

Scarborough sea life centre

Castle Howard


Whitby Museum and art gallery

Ryedale Folk museum

Museum in Pickering and Castle

Steam railway

James Herriot Museum in Thirsk

York Jorvik castle museum chocolate exhibition city walls loads to do and see.


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